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DAPP Service Providers (DSPs) will help promote mass scale adoption of decentralized applications (DAPPs) by introducing a set of technical solutions that make developing on blockchains substantially easier and affordable through the LiquidApps “DAPP Network. ” The DAPP Network native token known as “DAPP” is a multi-purpose utility token designed to power an ecosystem of utilities, resources, & services specifically serving the needs of DAPP developers building user-centric DAPPs.

DSP Portal Video Tutorial

Step 1: Go to

Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Edge, Opera & Android and IOS supported browsers.

Step 2: Login with your EOS

Supported Wallets include Scatter and Ledger for desktop and Lynx, Meet.One, and TokenPocket for Mobile.

Step 3: Utilize the filter settings

On the left side of the screen, you will see “Search and Filter” which gives you options to filter based on your needs and preferences.

Filter Options


You can choose a sort option by Random, Provider, Service, Package, Quota or Minimum Stake.

Listing option:

Ascending or Descending Order

Search by Provider:

Select a Service or set of services:

IPFS, Cron, Stake or Oracle

Filter by Limits:

Min. Stake, Quota & Package Period

Filter by Package Status:

Available: Online Services currently being offered

Selected: Those you have already communicated with and enabled

Deprecated: Packages that are no longer available “API endpoints are set to null”.

Step 4: View a specific package

Once you have filtered and found a package that fits your needs, you can further view the specific package details by clicking on the details button on the right.

This package shows you that for a minimum Stake of 500 DAPP tokens, you will be given a QUOTA of .0001 (1 QUOTA= 10,000 Actions) per 1 hour period with an un-stake period of 1 hour. This also provides you with Account information, the API Endpoint, the specified service, package name, and UID. At the bottom, you will see a populated map that shows you the location of our servers.

Step 5: Selecting a service

You can select the service by clicking the select button on the Package Details Page or on the initial screen listed package.

Step 6: Click Actions

Once a package is selected, go to your profile, View your package and click “Actions”

Step 1: Go to your profile
  1. Go to your profile, find this at the top right of the portal.
  2. Viewing your user profile, click on your selected package to view Provider details.
  3. On your green selected package, the “Actions” green button appears. Click on it.
  4. A drop-down menu will appear giving you the options to stake, unstake or refund.
Step 2: Click on your selected package to view provider details
Step 3: Click the actions button to view the action options
Step 4: Choose Stake, Unstake or Refund

Stake: Click this button to stake DAPP tokens to this package

Unstake: Click to unstack from the package

Refund: Once you have unstaked and waited for the un-stake period, you may refund DAPP tokens to your EOS account.

When you Stake / Unstake, a pop-up window will appear asking you for the amount of DAPP tokens you would like to stake or unstake.

Once you have staked, go back to your profile to now view your package status, it will now be active. You will also see other useful information such as the Quota you have left and the amount of staked DAPP tokens per package selected.

Exploring the Portal further.

Providers Tab

Here you will see all the organizations currently offering DSP Services, the number of packages and services they offer, their total 24-hour rewards, the amount of DAPP they have staked, a percentage of staked from the total and total users.

Users Tab

Here you will see and be able to filter through specific users, provider/service/packages by user, the users status and Quota as well as his or her staked DAPP tokens.

vTokens Tab

This is where you can look up vRam Token Balances.

FAQ “Frequently Asked Questions” Tab

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