Community Snapshot | High school meetup in Odessa, Ukraine

EOS Nation Ambassador Yaroslav Masenko has always understood that youth is the future of any country and in this time of globalization, youth from any country can impact the whole world. Being part of the EOS Nation team, Yaroslav realized that he has a great opportunity to educate the youth of his region on the importance of blockchain and decentralization. He also realized that these topics are quite complicated for young students so in an effort to help them understand these critical concepts he organized a series of educational talks across high schools in his home country of Ukraine.

Over the course of a few meetings with the head teacher of a high school in the Tairova District, Yaroslav was able to communicate the importance of this education. Presenting in front of a full class of graduates, there was a lot of interest, questions, and enlightened discussion.

Some students had heard about this coming revolution and some even had a bit of trading experience. Most students did not know about blockchain but Yaroslav was able to connect with them by explaining how blockchain would impact areas that they are already familiar with, such as online gaming.

Questions were generally centered around how blockchain works and how it will impact their lives. For most students, this was their first time hearing about blockchain and EOSIO. By the end of the presentation, students were motivated to learn more about the “Internet 3.0” and both students and the head teacher were thankful that an EOS Nation Ambassador took the time to educate them on these revolutionary concepts.

— Yaroslav Masenko

In February, Yaroslav intends on meeting up with other head teachers of high schools in the Odessa region in order to set up more educational meetups with the youth of his country.

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