EOS Nation participates to the Odessa Blockchain Summit 2018!

Odessa Blockchain Summit Sep 6 2018

We are happy to announce that EOS Nation was a part of Odessa Blockchain Summit 2018 in Ukraine. Our two Ambassadors in Ukraine were present, with Yaroslav Masenko and his team hosting an EOS Nation educational booth while Adam Dorfman was a featured speaker.

Alex Kozlov and Yaroslav Masenko

Adam introduced EOS as a platform for business models and then explained the vision for his project in the non-formal education space called IFWHENTHEN.

At this event, EOS Nation engaged the community by educating CEOs of blockchain projects, developers and blockchain enthusiasts on the potential of the EOS blockchain network.

Moving forward, the EOS Nation team in Ukraine is pleased to announce they are hosting a series of meetups in high schools, IT colleges and universities across their country. Stay tuned for more information about EOS meetups happening in a city near you!

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