Introducing EOS Nation Ambassador | Mpalanyi Vicent Victor | Kampala, Uganda

EOS Nation is proud to introduce Mpalanyi Vicent Victor as the latest addition to the EOS Nation Ambassador team.

Mpalanyi studied Law School at Uganda Christian University and is still involved in two tech startups he co-founded: RentHostels in Uganda and in Nigeria. In early 2018 Mpalanyi made a commitment to get fully involved in the crypto movement and recognized EOSIO as his blockchain platform of interest. He hopes that his expert knowledge can contribute to the growth of cryptoassets in his country while at the same time protecting his community from scammers and bad projects. His passion for education was evident and by the end of 2018, he became an EOS Nation Ambassador.

EOS Nation Meetup at the Gulu University Public Café

Since hosting his first EOS Nation Meetup on December 23rd in Kampala, Mpalanyi has been incredibly active. He has hosted 4 other meetups in 2 other cities, attended as a guest speaker to other events and met up 1 on 1 with over 50 individuals who were interested in learning more about EOS.

Mpalanyi going above the call of duty during one of his many 1 on 1 education sessions

We would like to take the time to highlight the various efforts that Mpalanyi has done so far to educate his community, they are very impressive. Mpalanyi started strong, hosting a 5-hour long “Introduction to Blockchain” meetup which attracted a total of 56 attendees. This well-organized meetup also had 4 other speakers at the event:

On January 13th, Mpalanyi hosted a small onboarding session in Mukono City at Christian University. Having a more hands-on approach, Mpalanyi created free EOS accounts on the Meet.One wallet and demonstrated how to use various apps. As people showed up later than planned, Mpalanyi continued until after sunset.

Last weekend, Mpalanyi traveled 360km by bus to teach blockchain and EOS to the community of Gulu Town! During this 3-day trip, Mpalanyi hosted a meetup at the public Café of Gulu University, hosted another at the Kakanyero Hostel, spoke at both Rotarian and Rotaract Clubs of Gulu and STILL had time to meet more students 1on1 to teach them about EOS.

Starting the 360km journey to Gulu Town
Guest speaker at the Rotaract Club of Gulu Town

In only two short months, Mpalanyi has proven himself to be a fantastic EOS Nation Ambassador and we thank him deeply for all his efforts.

If you want to contact Mpalnayi you can reach him on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram or by Email.

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