Introducing EOS Nation’s DSP Portal

Explore and subscribe to DSP services at

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Jun 10 · 2 min read

We’re pleased to bring DSP service subscriptions to the masses through our DSP Portal.

Explore and subscribe to DSP services at

DAPP Service Providers (DSPs) will help promote mass scale adoption of decentralized applications (dApps) by introducing a set of technical solutions that make developing on blockchains substantially easier and affordable through the LiquidApps “DAPP Network .” The DAPP Network native token, known as “DAPP,” is a multi-purpose utility token designed to power an ecosystem of utilities, resources, and services specifically serving the needs of dApp developers building user-centric dApps.

Our brand new portal makes it easy to explore, learn, and subscribe to the DSP services and providers best suited to your needs. Simply log in with your favourite wallet, select your service, and stake to subscribe. All of the relevant details are displayed prominently, and we’ve included sorting and filtering options to help you through the selection process.

Watch Yves La Rose explain what DSP services are and walk you through how to subscribe to them through the DSP Portal.

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