EOS Referendum Roadmap Update

We’re continuing to make progress on our proposed EOS referendum system and have made some additions to the scope since sharing the roadmap two weeks ago.

New feature: vote storage

To improve the user experience and auditability of the referendum results, we’ve begun working on a new smart contract that will keep a table of the votes in RAM as consensus data.

While integrating the voting system into the Greymass wallet, it became apparent that the current implementation lacked an ability to inform UIs of what a voter’s current vote status is. That means that if a token holder already voted for a proposal, there was no way that the UI could display to that token holder that they voted, nor what they voted for. To improve the user experience, the vote storage feature was proposed by Aaron Cox (Greymass). The feature is being implemented by Matthieu Vachon (EOS Canada) with input from Scott Sallinen (Greymass) and is expected to take 1–2 weeks to build and test.

This new feature comes with the added benefit of making the vote tally much simpler to implement. We hope that it will lead to the development of more independent vote tally systems, results of which can all be compared to ensure the accuracy of a referendum outcome.

The upgrade will require that each voter supply a small amount of RAM to store their vote — we estimate roughly 50 bytes per voted proposal (to be confirmed through testing). The RAM will be returned to the voter either after withdrawing their vote, or after the conclusion of the referendum.

Status updates:

  • Proposal submission: ready for testing
  • Voting: ready for testing (minus storage)
  • New Feature — vote storage: in progress (~1–2 weeks)
  • Vote tally & snapshot: in progress (~1–2 weeks)
  • Ratification: N/A — requires the vote of 15/21 top BPs
  • Decentralized user interfaces (UI): in progress (dependant on individual UI developers)

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