BPGovernance & The Importance of Proxy Vote

EOS New York
Sep 14, 2018 · 4 min read
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The following was written cooperatively by EOS New York, eosys, and EOS Pacific.

Proxy voting is a form of voting whereby a member of EOS may delegate his or her voting power to another member of the EOS community. Proxy voting can be used to form a voting bloc that can exercise greater influence than the comprising individuals would have been able to alone.

How to register as a proxy or delegate to BPGovernance Proxy — Blockgenic

A list of active proxies — Aloha EOS

Proxies will have a very real impact on the way we build EOS in the coming months and years. The imminent impact of proxies can already be seen through the influence of another member of EOS, the whale. In delegated-proof-of-stake, the largest token-holders have the most say because they have the most at stake. In other words, they have the most to lose. This makes sense.

This power disparity can sometimes lead the average token-holder to apathy,

“What can I do? Why even vote at all?”.

Enter The Proxy

EOS Governance is more than simply contributing to the constitution, dispute resolution framework, or a Block Producer’s compliance with regproducer. EOS Governance is the process by which the entire EOS ecosystem functions, grows, and sustains itself. It is the aggregate product of every figurative brick we lay for a strong foundation that will enhance the network and accelerate its growth. From developer tools, user tools, dApp initiatives, and everything in between, the network grows because of the aggregate value we add to it.

EOS New York, EOSYS, and EOS Pacific have started a proxy, BPGovernance, and we are looking for bricklayers.

BPGovernance Proxy

Each of these groups has visibility into Mandarin, English, and Korean speaking communities for maximum exposure. EOS Pacific is one of the leaders of EMAC, the EOS Mandarin Arbitration Community, which seeks to provide dispute resolution education and services to the underserved Mandarin communities. EOS New York is actively involved in drafting constitutional documents, providing proposals for a free-market dispute resolution framework, and building EOS tools. EOSYS is one of the leaders of the proposed Worker Proposal system and provides the opportunity to developers through initiatives like paid dApp competitions and incubation.

By delegating your vote to BPGovernance you are ensuring that you are voting for high-quality contributors to the EOS ecosystem across many disciplines and competencies.

The Details

BP Voting Process

Referendum & Worker Proposal

Your Feedback Matters

Our Current Voting Choices


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EOS New York is a Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Mainnet Blockchain


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