EOS New York Partners With EOS Sister Chain, WORBLI

EOS New York
Aug 30, 2018 · 4 min read
EOS New York will be a Block Producer on WORBLI, an EOS sister chain.

Our Mission

EOS New York’s mission is to position the EOS Blockchain as the most attractive dApp development platform in the world, especially to businesses. We take another step forward today and announce our partnership with WORBLI, a Financial Services Network being built on a sister chain to the EOS Mainnet. EOS New York will become one of the first block producers on the WORBLI blockchain. Our industry faces fiat choke points and WORBLI will help bridge the fiat and blockchain worlds.

What is WORBLI?

The WORBLI team has been a part of the EOS community since before launch. WORBLI participated in the EOS Mainnet launch itself and have been active participants in the community for many months.

What Problem is WORBLI Solving?

How Will WORBLI Support the EOS Mainnet?

WORBLI will directly support the EOS Mainnet by further developing inter-blockchain communication between itself and EOS as well as providing direct EOS to fiat gateways. One of those fiat gateways will be through WORBLI’s envisioned Gamma Bank.

Why Can’t WORBLI Launch on the EOS Mainnet?

Financial institutions that wish to participate in the established markets must maintain strict adherence to many complicated guidelines and regulations. Worbli must have the flexibility to be able to adjust and adapt to the regulatory environment and remain compliant with international banking standards to ensure fiat gateways remain open. Furthermore, keeping Worbli as a sister chain will provide the EOS Mainnet cover from harmful regulation.

What Does This Mean for EOS New York?

The EOS Mainnet is and always will be our priority, period. We believe that supporting WORBLI supports the EOS Mainnet by reducing the friction of adoption of the EOS token, specifically by providing a direct fiat to token and token to fiat gateway via the Gamma Bank. EOS New York will also adhere to the Block Producer guidelines required of us to produce blocks on the WORBLI sister chain:

  • Compliance with financial and sensitive data storage regulations.
  • Full AML/KYC verification.

The WORBLI Token (WBI) Airdrop

Did we mention that WORBLI is airdropping 1 Billion “WBI” Tokens to the EOS Mainnet Community on September 14, 2018?

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about WORBLI you can visit their website or their telegram groups at WORBLI News or WORBLI Community.Where appropriate, we will be providing periodic updates on the WORBLI network to you, the EOS community.

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