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EOS New York
Apr 26 · 3 min read

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The inner-workings of EOS are complicated, the command line is hard, and not everyone can code.

This is why good user experience and interface design is the difference between a blockchain that is adopted and used and one that isn’t. For those of us that were active participants in the community during the EOS launch last June, we remember that there was a frantic race to develop a Block Producer voting portal prior to launch because one didn’t exist. While the command line is available for anyone who wants to vote in the absence of a general user interface, it isn’t feasible to expect tens to hundreds of thousands of people to do it this way.

The community banded together to raise funds to develop a voting portal mere weeks before the EOS launch occurred.

Fast forward to now, the availability of well designed user-interfaces has exploded. In nearly every category (e.g. wallets, toolkits, explorers, exchanges, etc.) there are multiple platforms that offer elegant and intuitive interfaces to abstract away the complexities of the EOS engine and its comprising parts.

With the eve of REX upon the EOS community, we’ve released The Ultimate Guide to REX where there is no fewer than half a dozen options available to the user to participate in this exciting new feature. This is quite the contrast to last June and this improvement cannot be understated.

Support These Builders: Delegate to rexcoreproxy

EOS New York and EOS Titan have started a proxy to highlight these user/developer experiences and interfaces, as well as the builders behind them.

Voting Philosophy

The REX Core Proxy has a simple philosophy, support Block Producers who build tools that live where the rubber meets the road, a.k.a. general user tools and interfaces. Without these simple tools, which place intuitively designed user experiences in front of the complex EOS blockchain, many EOS token-holders would simply not be able to participate. First and foremost, the REX Core Proxy votes for BPs that maintain REX user-interfaces. After that, it votes for Block Producers that build and maintain the user tools, wallets, toolkits, voting portals, and more. By delegating your vote to REX Core Proxy, you are ensuring that your tokens support the builders and the designers that deliver tangible value right back to you on every device you use to engage with the EOS blockchain.

The Block Producers We Support

Every Block Producer in this list has built a tool that the community has found value in. If you think we’ve missed a BP who has built something you find valuable then we want to hear it. Visit our telegram here to tell us about it!

  • alohaeosprod
  • atticlabeosb
  • aus1genereos
  • bitfinexeos1
  • blockmatrix1
  • blocksmithio
  • chainriftxxx
  • cryptolions1
  • cypherglasss
  • eos42freedom
  • eosasia11111
  • eosauthority
  • eoscafeblock
  • eoscanadacom
  • eosdacserver
  • eosflareiobp
  • eosiomeetone
  • eosliquideos
  • eosnationftw
  • eosnewyorkio
  • eosphereiobp
  • eosriobrazil
  • eostitanprod
  • eostribeprod
  • hkeoshkeosbp
  • itokenpocket
  • starteosiobp
  • teamgreymass
  • tokenika4eos

For more information on the REX Core Proxy, visit the proxy portal on Aloha EOS’ website here.

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