NodeONE is launching the EOS Vote Tracker

May 14 · 2 min read

Here at NodeONE we are thrilled to announce we will be relaunching the EOS Vote Tracker. The EOS Vote Tracker is a tool in which the EOS community can easily view and track changing voting trend in EOS mainnet. Users can use this tool to gain a perspective of voting trends for producers, proxies, and individual voters.

BP list screen, Proxy vote screen, Individual BP screen (from left to right)

The EOS Vote Tracker was originally developed by EOS Mediterranean and was widely used by the EOS community from its initial launch; however, due to the bear market, the tool was taken down.

EOS NodeONE has met with EOS Mediterranean in London and Shanghai decided to revive the EOS Vote Tracker. The authority of the EOS Vote Tracker will be transitioned from EOS Mediterranean to EOS NodeONE, and NodeONE will be maintaining and covering the operational costs for the EOS Vote Tracker from here on forward. Martin Zhang and Fun Liu will serve as advisors for NodeONE regarding the development of the tool.

We would like to give a special thanks to Martin Zhang, Fun Liu, and Paco Cabanillas for allowing us to resurrect the tool. We hope the entire EOS community will enjoy the benefits the EOS Vote Tracker.

Access the EOS Vote Tracker Tool NOW:

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An EOS Block Producer from Seoul, South Korea.

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