“A ‘bare-metal server’ is a computer server that is a ‘single-tenant physical server’. The term is used nowadays to distinguish it from modern forms of virtualization and cloud hosting.” Wikipedia 2019

When we first announced our EOS Block Producer Candidacy in February 2018 we advised that we would be using hyperscale cloud providers for our infrastructure, so that we would be able to “right size” our deployment before we committed to our own physical equipment.

In September 2018 we decided to start investigating various technology options and Data Centre providers.

We had found cloud to be quite capable up…

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newest EOSphere initiative!

After weeks of hard work we are delighted to officially announce the launch of EOSphere DEV. www.eosphere.io/dev/

EOSphere have been receiving a flood of requests for help since the EOSIO launch. Business owners and start-ups are asking for consulting and software delivery support. They have wanted to know; “Is my project complaint?”, “What should my token economics look like?”, “How can I migrate off Ethereum onto an EOSIO platform” and “How do I put a credible team together?”

It is therefore a natural evolution that EOSphere responds to…

Disclaimer: Please do your own research. Don’t just trust us; read as many as articles as you can. Read open source code, talk to friends. Your tokens are precious and you should take care of them.

Which type of wallet do you need?

Most people that we talk to in the EOS network tend to use multiple wallets depending on the purpose. Here are some quick tips on what to look for:

Hot vs cold wallets: A hot wallet is connected to the internet, a cold wallet can be stored offline. Generally a cold wallet is considered much more secure.

Public and Private Keys: You generally have…


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