EOSPlanet is moving to Ebakus Blockchain

Dear fellow citizens of EOS Planet, good morning! Long time no see, right? Well, we have a big announcement for you today: EOSPlanet will be leaving the EOS blockchain and move to Ebakus Blockchain!

“Wait, what?” I hear you say. Well it is true. Let me give you some details on what the means. First of all the eosplanet game as it is now will continue to exist and operate as it has been for a year now. With that out of the way, lets discuss on the reasons for this departure.

When we originally had the idea for eosplanet, the eos blockchain was the only viable platform that would enable its development. Unfortunately along the way the process revealed itself to be much more difficult than anticipated. The technology proved to be very restrictive in the ways it can be used, and in many cases it actually dictated the design of the game in ways we were not comfortable with (RAM costs, CPU limits, etc). A lot of the things planned for the game were just not possible given the fact that the user had to spend RAM, and basically having to know what RAM is, and what CPU is, etc.

Finally, when last month the EOS blockchain got completely congested it killed any hope for pushing out the game update we were planning. For this reason we started looking for alternatives. We had under our radar for quite some time an ethereum compatible blockchain, that shares consensus algorithms with EOS, but that it has also solved CPU billing and RAM. So we decided to play with it and it is now clear to us that Ebakus is the way to go.

We are already running the first port of the game on the testnet and it works amazingly well. There is no need for staking for CPU nor worrying for RAM by the user. You don’t even need an account to start playing. This actually enable us to make design decisions without the UX being compromised by the underlining technology stack.

You can read more about Ebakus here: https://medium.com/@ebakus and their community on telegram https://t.me/ebakus

We hope to have the game fully running until main net launch, possibly with some improvements on the gameplay.

There are still some decisions that need to be made. Like for example if we should even try to start with a cloned world from EOS, or start from scratch. We would most certainly love your input on that.

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A project aiming to test the boundaries of new generation blockchains. The first of its kind, EOS Planet, is a virtual world, persistent on the blockchain.

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