EOSPlaystation Concept and Background

Photo by Aldric RIVAT on Unsplash

The birth of the EOS blockchain has revolutionized online gaming and casinos. For the first time ever, we can have provably fair games verifiable on a public blockchain supported by fee-less and instantaneous transactions. Prior to this time, scalability and transaction speed had been the bane of existing blockchains, limiting application and mass adoption of the technology. Gambling dapps on earlier blockchains were exhaustive and time consuming resulting in negative user experience. It was also quite expensive to use such dapps as every action had a transaction cost, which is nothing like real life casino game play.

The advantages of EOS blockchain is quickly evident and this has given birth to a slew of new gambling dapps. These dapps in addition incorporate new and exciting economic models never seen before. The profit sharing/dividend model allows players to earn profit as investors in a Gambling platform in transparent fashion.

It is not all roses and cream though in the EOS Gaming/gambling ecosystem. Shortage of resources on the EOS network especially CPU crises has repeatedly plagued most big dapps. In addition some economic models of revenue sharing are proving unsustainable leaving their investors shortchanged. There is also the problem of smart-contract security as many gaming dapps are half-baked clones of existing dapps.


EOSPlaystation aims to provide really simple social gaming experience to users on EOS blockchain. To achieve this, our experienced team will address the main issues affecting dapps on EOS network. With proper dapp architecture EOS network resources can be better optimized to provide more up-time and better user experience. Our games are not clones of existing dapps but have been rebuilt from the ground up. This is evident in the twist to our version of the popular dice game where we introduced winning streak. We also have original game dapps that are invented by our team and can not be found anywhere yet.

We have also chosen to adopt a safety first approach to our Profit-sharing model. From our research, most dividend models available currently utilize platform tokens that can be obtained by mining. Many of these tokens are a poorer store of value compared to EOS and are subject to whale mining, developer manipulation, and pumps and dumps. While a few initial platform users may get multipliers of the initial value, many latter users will get dumped on by initial token investors who are not truly interested in the platform. So we decided not to issue platform tokens for dividends i.e there is no EPS token required to claim dividends. Every transaction is conducted in EOS and dividend is paid in EOS. We believe this will help our users preserve revenue value, avoid pump and dump and ultimately build a stronger platform. Are we open to a platform token in the future? Yes, but only when we are absolutely certain the tokenomics is in the best interest of majority of EOSPlaystation users. For now, we are keeping it safe and simple.

On the subject of smart-contract security, EOSPlaystation devs are vastly experienced with dapp/smart-contract development. However we don’t make assumptions and as such our dapps are subjected to several independent smart-contract audits before and after deployment. Dapps that have completed the entire audit process will be open-sourced subsequently. This we believe is a balance between being open-source and maintaining smart-contract security.

Ultimately, we hope to help the EOS ecosystem grow to greater heights as we provide unrivaled user experience to our community members.

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