Introducing the EOSREX.IO Smart Proxy

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The EOSREX.IO Proxy was born to help users easily satisfy the voting requirements needed to participate in REX lending, while driving value back into the chain by supporting a full list of block producers deemed important towards sustaining a strong, healthy, and growing ecosystem.

While ordinary proxies are limited to supporting 30 block producers, EOSREX.IO proxy uses a smart contract to support a full list of block producers, from which a set of 30 producers is dynamically derived and voted-for every 24 hours using real-time rankings data along with other factors explained below.

The full list of supported block producers contains all block producers deemed important to the health of the ecosystem — a total of 49 at the time of this article. Each producer on the list is assigned an “importance quotient”, representing an assigned relative importance to other producers on the list, with values having a range interval of [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10], with the highest relative importance being “10”.

The assigned importance quotient is subjectively derived by answering the question, “How important is this producer to sustaining a strong, healthy and growing EOS Mainnet relative to other producers?”. To help answer this question, node operation efficiency, ecosystem contributions (tools, etc), geographic region and other factors were taken into account. To help us with this producer analysis, we used some of the valuable tools and data provided by the good people at AlohaEOS.

Supported Block Producers

The current list of supported block producers at the time of this article consists of the following 49 producers, along with their assigned importance quotient:

eosauthority, 10
eosnewyorkio, 10
eoscanadacom, 10
eosdacserver, 10
teamgreymass, 10
eos42freedom, 10
eosswedenorg, 10
eosriobrazil, 10
cypherglasss, 10
eoscafeblock, 10
eosnationftw, 10
eosasia11111, 10
argentinaeos, 10
eosiomeetone, 10
eosyskoreabp, 10
eoscannonchn, 10
cryptolions1, 10
aus1genereos, 10
eosliquideos, 10
eosisgravity, 10
eoseouldotio, 9
eosphereiobp, 9
eosdublinwow, 9
eostitanprod, 9
alohaeosprod, 9
atticlabeosb, 9
hkeoshkeosbp, 9
blockmatrix1, 9
sheos21sheos, 9
starteosiobp, 9
eostribeprod, 8
tokenika4eos, 8
libertyblock, 8
eosamsterdam, 8
blocksmithio, 8
oraclegogogo, 8
eosiodetroit, 8
eosnairobike, 8
eosvenezuela, 8
costaricaeos, 8
auroraeoscom, 8
eosmatrixeos, 8
eosnodeonebp, 7
eosfishrocks, 7
eosvibesbloc, 7
eossv12eossv, 7
eosmetaliobp, 7
bitspacenode, 7
sanfranc1sco, 7

The current list of supported producers can be viewed by visiting https://bloks.io/account/eosrex.io and clicking on “Contract” then viewing the “prods” contract table.

The “proxyconfig” table shows the rankings threshold settings explained below along with the set frequency of votes.

Recurring “Vote Producer” Action

To dynamically formulate the list of 30 block producers to vote for every 24 hours, the smart contract takes into account each producer’s assigned importance quotient, real-time ranking data, and the set rankings threshold.

The rankings threshold, initially set to `10`, excludes block producers from the current vote who rank above the set threshold and is calculated each time the voteproducer action is fired using real-time ranking data. This effectively redirects votes from producers who are already ranking above the set threshold to block producers who rank below the threshold and who need the votes the most.

The remaining block producers ranking below the threshold are then sorted based on importance factor, and the top 30 are included in the current vote. Whenever there is a tie between multiple block producers in importance, the smart contract pseudo-randomly draws from the tied producers using a combination of current time and producer name.

The smart contract calculates and votes for a list of 30 producers every 24 hours using deferred actions.

Get in Touch

To suggest adding any valuable producers to our full list of supported producers that we may have missed, or to suggest any changes, please send details via email to support@eosrex.io.

Soon we will be releasing the smart proxy open source, making it available to any other proxy who wishes to utilize it. In the meantime, if you’re a proxy interested in using the smart proxy contract, please reach out.

For support or questions, please join our telegram at https://t.me/eosrexio

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/eosrex

Go EOS!!!


https://eosrex.io is the first dedicated user interface to the EOS REX smart contract. A community-member contribution not affiliated with block.one or eos.io.

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