BP.json Update

EOSIO BP Information Standard v1.0.1

The BP.json is a way for block producer candidates to publish information about themselves using the website specified on the regproducer action on the eosio.system contract. Having a standard use across different EOSIO blockchains allows for compatibility between dApps and interfaces that require information about any block producer.

The first version of the BP JSON was published before Mainnet launch and became a standard used by virtually all BP Candidates on Mainnet and other chains.

Considering the evolution of the role of BPs and also focusing on making interfaces more intuitive and easier for developers, we are proposing minor changes and adaptations as follows:


3. chain_resources (string) and other_resources (string[])
llow BPs to provide URLs for chain resources such as snapshots, downloads or any other relevant links/services owned by them.

e.g. If you have a snapshot website, that would be
"chain_resources": "snapshots.bp-domain.com"

4. github_user was included for the BPs to name a technical github user to serve as a point of contact that can be added to different chain repositories.

Other than that, minor fixes are included in this version 1.0.1 and the bnet_endpoint was removed since the protocol was deprecated.

Different teams and services have been involved in suggesting and validating the standard and we expect the migration by BPs, applications and interfaces to happen over the following weeks.

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→ See all changes on the release changelog:

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