Announcing EOS Tree: an EOS account explorer

Now you can browse EOS accounts by keywords, creators and groups

Among many innovative features of EOSIO, the most accessible and instant improvement to the current blockchain world we believe is the human-readable account name. 12 characters long (less than 12 for premium names), contains a-z and 1–5, it is simple enough compared to the 30–40 characters long meaningless hash code used by most of the blockchain projects as wallet address. Hash is cool, but it just doesn’t have any meaning for users. When we heard about the EOS account name for the first time, we feel like it could be one of those stepstones that lead to wider real-world use cases, because at the end of the day, user experience is the key to the mass adoption of any new technology.

Since you can get a meaningful and logical name for your account or smart contract/dapp, it will eventually become a brand name or part of your identity on the EOS blockchain just like web urls to the websites, and thus we think that an EOS account name search engine is needed and would be very convenient for the community to explore, browse, or find the accounts/dapps they are interested in.

The current blockchain world is very similar to the internet of the 90s in some aspects, one of things we noticed is that in the early days you will find those so called yellow pages or web portals with massive information listed on the front page and you were forced to search/browse in a passive way from what have been provided, but nowadays people can interact with the interface or the data more actively and we believe that as the EOS blockchain grows and more and more accounts are created, it is crucial to let user to search and browser these accounts more actively and accurately., a new way to explore allows you to browse/search EOS accounts by keywords with advanced options including search by creators and groups. We classify all the accounts into different groups and further analyze them to generate insights, demographics, and more statistics about the EOS accounts and the whole community. Stats

With the group mode option, you can easily find out the accounts that are with more than one group. The example below shows the search option for accounts that contain a letter “a” and are both premium account and with a contract. search option

In addition, also serves as a community where you can find feedback on EOS accounts. We think it is important to have a platform to let the users make public comments on every EOS account, and it will help the community stay connected and grow together. On the other hand, it will also help to address issues such as malicious activities and scams through user feedback.

account detail

In terms of the security issues, we will keep tracking the latest decision made by ECAF (EOSIO Core Arbitration Forum) on freezing accounts, and all the frozen accounts will be listed in the frozen group, so everyone can find the info easily.

Currently, the accounts are classified into Genesis, Voter, BP, Contract, and frozen groups.

EOS accounts at a glance (As of 11/10/18 11:00am PT)

Account overview

Accounts growth (excluding Genesis accounts, from June to October, 2018)

Accounts created per creator distribution (excluding non-creators)

Top creators (excluding Genesis accounts)

Premium account breakdown

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