EOS Vancouver: Ownership Disclosure

EOS Van is an independent EOS Block Producer Candidate located in Vancouver, Canada.

Block Producer’s are integral to the health, performance, and security of the EOS network, and play a critical role in it’s governance.

We recognize the responsibility we as block producers have to the EOS community, and in the interest of transparency, are providing the following information regarding the ownership and legal status of the company:

  • EOS Van is located in the City of Vancouver, and soon to be incorporated in the province of British Columbia, Canada.
  • EOS Van is comprised of Chen Li (of Vancouver, BC, Canada), who owns 30% of shares, Mark Cohen (of Vancouver, BC, Canada), who owns 25% of shares, and Victor Hogrefe (of Vancouver, BC, Canada), who owns 10% of shares, with the remaining 35% of shares allocated for the addition of future team members, and potential investment.
  • We are completely self-funded (“boot strapped”), wherein the founding members currently maintain full control of the company. This independence allows us to have and retain complete control over the direction of the business.
  • We pledge that our corporate structure, team members, and all relevant duties and actions performed by us as an elected EOS Block Producer will be documented, and made accessible to the community.
  • Should we decide to take on investment in the future, any such actions will be made transparent to the community, and any investor’s stake will be limited so as to not be allowed to exert any operational control.

EOS Van believes in an EOS ecosystem that is driven by the community for the good of the community. We strongly believe EOS will attract the best talent in the blockchain community, empowering the EOS community to grow, and ultimately thrive!

Contact us: Web , Twitter, Steemit.