Since the launch of the EOS mainnet 9 months ago, development on EOSIO has exploded. EOS has eclipsed other blockchains in daily transactions, daily active users, and the pace of dApp development.

EOS has grown so fast it’s impossible to keep up.

The EOS World EXPO is an opportunity to catch all the new progress in one place.

The EOSIO community of the greater San Francisco Bay has come together to host an electrifying dApp showcase event, the EOS WORLD EXPO.

The EOS WORLD EXPO provides a platform for decentralized apps to demo their products to 300–400 tech, crypto and VC attendees wanting to experience EOSIO projects first hand.

No more sad promises from unfulfilled white papers and illusions of lambos. The EOS World Expo will be showing off real applications doing real things — everything from gaming apps and social media, to finance and music is being revolutionized.

Join us on April 13–14th for the most interactive EOS event of the year! Get hands on, learn and get in at the ground floor of a web 3.0 future.

What to expect:
- 60+ showcase & demos 
- Networking mixer
- Business meetings 
- Livestream interviews 
- Photo shoots 
- Job fair
- Investor speed dating 
- Unconference sessions
- Exclusive previews
- Free crypto, accounts, & swag

For exhibitors:
- Connect with early adopters
- Meaningful partners
- Qualified investors
- Developer talent

The Location:

San Francisco is home to Uber, Airbnb, Google, Lyft, Coinbase and 1000s of startups.

EOS World Expo San Francisco, presents an unmatched experience to take notice or be noticed on the world stage by early adopters, developers and venture capital.

Buy tickets now

Website: https://www.eosworldexpo.com
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/eosworldexpo
Telegram: https://t.me/eosworldexposf
Email: contact@eosworldexpo.com

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This event is made possible by our sponsors.


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