EO Coin Airdrop is scheduled for 20th of December

We have prepared a Christmas and New Year gift for all EO coin holders. 20th of December every holder of EO coin will receive an airdrop. The amount of airdrop is 44,862,535 coins and it will be sent from 0x63b2d1244c6232eb3ce82cb21aa6fad9c42d158e address. It is all bounty coins which were not used by referral program during initial sale.

+8.3% EO coins for free

The amount will be distributed evenly between holders (who stored bigger amount — will get more coins). In average it will result in +8.3% additional free EO coins. The airdrop will be sent to each address holding EO coin except 0xf3edbb0c10fca17bb15f3f0b72784477954eff4c address. This address is scheduled for burn.

EO.Finance wallet will support the airdrop, no additional actions are required. The airdrop will also be supported by most of erc20 compatible wallets such as Metamask, MyEtherWallet, MIST, Ethereum Wallet and many others.