My first blog post.

It is not only my first post using this medium called medium but also the first time I blog, ever. I imagine most folk my age have tried it. Not me. Not even once. Now why I am doing it now? I am enrolled in an online marketing course that explores many ways to reach out to your audience. Blogging being one of them, we are invited to give it a try. I do not think this will be an easy assignment but very educational and I am quite curious to see how it goes.

In class Tuesday 9th we discussed how the marketing mix manifests itself online. Using the 4 P’s to think about and develop marketing strategies online is a bit different from doing it for offline media. The 4P’s-model is centuries old and some people suggest that it is out of date and not a sufficient tool for online marketers.

Today, few if any marketing plans can be complete without a blending of the E-Marketing mix into the traditional mix to form an effective marketing strategy.

The quote is from a paper by Kirthi Kalyanam and Shelby McIntyre back in 2002. Here, e-Marketing mix is referring to an addition to the traditional mix of 4 P’s. However, making extensions to the marketing mix is of course nothing new. There have been various extensions proposed before and discussions of market mix paradigms. Propositions and discussions like these indicate that the traditional model is inadequate in many situations. And Gandolfo Dominici seems to think it is a matter of time before a new model takes over:

When e-marketing research and practice will arrive to a deeper comprehension and maturity in the digital environment, we will probably see a new marketing mix paradigm which will definitely put to the traditional 4 Ps to rest and give light to a new widely accepted paradigm for marketing operations.
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