Game of Thrones Power Rankings “The High Sparrow”

Season 5, Episode 3

(Disclaimer: This list is based off the last episode, and any future impact known to book readers is not taken into account. Nothing written here will contain spoilers for future episodes.)

1.) Jon Snow (Last Week: 2): Snow continues to be the most desirable candidate to sit on the Iron Throne. Unfortunately, he remains steadfast in his resolve to remain a member of the Night’s Watch. He made a smart political move of splitting up his biggest political enemies. Snow paid homage to the man who raised him, carrying out the justice he ordered in one swing.

2.) Margaery Tyrell (Not Rated): In the first of what will likely be many rounds of sparring between the new Queen and the Queen Mother, Margaery came out the winner. She also has weapons only available to her in the battle for Tommen’s affection, unless that is Cersei can bring out the inner Oedipus in her son, which would take her crazy to a whole new level.

3.) Cersei Lannister (1): After two weeks on top, Cersei fell after dropping the first round in the competition for her son’s affection to her daughter in law. What’s worse, Cersei seemed rattled during their verbal confrontation, and her barbs lacked the normal sharpness we’ve come to expect from her. Is this the beginning of a fall for Cersei or will she go back to the chalkboard and begin her rally. It doesn’t help that she sent her twin to Dorne, as she’s now the only Lannister remaining in King’s Landing aside from Lancel, and he’s to caught up with the Sparrows to take up arms in the fight for the throne.

4.) Sansa Stark (NR): She may be betrothed to Ramsey Bolton, but Sansa like the North, she remembers what the Bolton’s did to her family. She’s spent too much time around strong women (and the ever conniving Littlefinger) in King’s Landing not to pick up a thing or two about gaining power to not use what seems like a terrible situation and flip it to get her vengeance.

5.) Petyr Baelish (NR): Littlefinger cares too much about Sansa to deliver her to the Boltons without a catch. There’s something at play we’re not privy to going on behind the scenes, like there always is with him. He’d best be cautious around the Boltons, or else he could end up flayed in the courtyard of Winterfell. He continues to be skilled at manipulating people, seen by how easily he was able to convince Sansa to wed Ramsy. Sansa edges out Littlefinger as he appeared to succumb to the pressure of the Roose Bolton when dealing with the correspondence from Cersei.

6.) Arya Stark (4): A girl faces a conundrum. A girl must learn to give up her identity to acquire the skills needed to become a faceless man. A girl needs the skills to carry out her revenge. A girl who is a member of the faceless men has no identity and therefore nobody to avenge.

7.) Brienne of Tarth (3): If she can teach Pod to be a serviceable fighter, the duo could play a major role in saving Sansa from what would be a disastrous marriage to Ramsey Bolton. Brienne may have failed to protect Renly, but following Sansa and Littlefinger north to Winterfell could put her on a collision course with Stannis, and she could face a choice between saving Sansa and upholding her word to Lady Stark or avenging Renly. Will she be an oathkeeper or an oathbreaker?

8.) King Tommen, first of his name (NR): He might technically be the most powerful man in Westeros, but Tommen is blind to the fact that he is the object being manipulated in the power struggle between his wife and mother. Then again, can you blame him? When I was his age (I think he’s supposed to be 14–16 or something), I was still holding onto the misconception I’d become a professional athlete. Imagine what being King does to a teenage ego. At least this King has a softer side, unlike his predecessor. He acknowledged his uneasiness in his content with being King, since he is only in this position due to his brother’s death.

9.) Davos Seaworth (NR): As a challenger to the throne, Stannis hasn’t had much success drumming up support of other lords. However, while his hand couldn’t convince Jon Snow to renounce the Night’s Watch and join Stannis in marching on Winterfell, but Snow did heed his advice on dealing with his dissenters. Davos steals every scene he’s in with Stannis. Even when he says little, the Onion Knight’s words carry weight.

10.) Tyrion Lannister (10): His drunken decisions led to his capture by the renegade Jorah Mormont. It’s hard to play the game of thrones when you have a bag over your head as a captive to a man with nothing to lose half a world away. This is why you can’t have nice things, Tyrion.

Others receiving votes: Jorah Mormont, Stannis Baratheon, Oily, Roose Bolton

Dropped from the rankings: Daenerys Targarian (Did not appear), Jaime Lannister (DNA), Bronn (DNA), Samwell Tarly, The Eunuch, The man with no name

Death of the Week: Ser Janos Slynt by the decree of the Lord Commander for insubordination, carried out by the Lord Commander. The third consecutive week an execution wins death of the week. It was crisp, clean and Snow didn’t falter as Slynt pleaded with his head on the stump. There really wasn’t much competition this week, as it was between this and the pair who fell in the house of the Black and White. It’s still early in the season, and I feel the creators are trying to lull the viewers into a sense of safety before dropping something harsh on us later on. Be vigilant, because as we’ve heard so much with Arya in Bravos, “Valar Morghulis.”