Perspectives on 1st Day of New Job:

Been a while since I’ve written. Feels great to start back up. Makes you feel like someone is listening even if no one else reads your words.

The past month has been busy. New job, new house, kids sports, birthdays, current job, normal day to day tasks. And then you have to factor the time you spent doing absolutely nothing because you are exhausted from all of those other things you’ve been doing (priceless time).

So, back to writing. And while still steadily moving towards 40, now I have a new job. Its a promotion, within same company, but a different facility. Regardless of being in the same company, you still have all of the perspectives of starting a new job.

Here are some thoughts from the first day…

#1: Drive into Work: I now pass by a Krispy Kreme store every day, coming and going to work. Enough said…all of you can appreciate the struggle to keep from pulling into the drive thru.

#2: Job Wardrobe: Great thing about moving need to rush out and buy a new wardrobe. No one at the new place knows all of your normal clothes, yet.

#3: Seating: Sitting at the lunch table or the board room on day one…awkward, it’s like going back to middle school. Where do you sit? Are you taking someone else’s sacred seat? Are they looking to see where you sit? Just forget it, it’s a chair. Just sit down.

#4: Old Jokes: Its tough when you don’t know the old jokes around the water cooler. But you are grateful when someone shares them with you. And it’s great when you realize that you and they are looking forward to being apart of the new ones moving forward.

#5: Greener grass: Its all just grass. Yes, there are pros and cons to every job. And on any given day, any job can be tough to have. Be grateful for that job though and remember the grass isn’t greener on the other side. Its just a different kind of grass. The grass still needs water, sun and fertilizer to grow, and not just from your leader. You have to put work into it as well. And at the end of the day, all the grass needs to have someone to cut it and keep it manageable. So try to stay ahead and don’t let the weeds take over.

#6. Fatigue: You will be tired at the end of your first day(s), but it’s good tired.

#7 Old Job: Still miss your co workers and miss the comfort of familiar things. Although excited to be apart of a new team. Grateful for things you’ve learned that are going to help you in the future.

Every job builds on itself as you move forward. Even back to some of the very first jobs you ever had. The successes, failures, struggles, wins, good times and bad times all help shape who you are in your new job.

And don’t be afraid to try new things or things that are difficult for you to do. Much easier said than done sometimes.

At any job, it is interesting to see the differences in the three generations of people in the work force. You’ve got the baby boomers, generation x, and the millenials. Regardless of the differences in learning and work styles, we’re all still part of the same team that must accomplish the same goals. Each generation has its own wisdom and experiences they bring to the table that will help to meet those goals.

No matter what job or career you are in, you have to love what you do. There will always be those days where you might love it a little less depending on what’s going on. But the good days should always far outweigh the bad days if you are doing what you love.

Being able to laugh and find joy at work is the most important thing. Especially, when you consider how much time you spend at work with your work family. Assuming you sleep for 8 hrs, and work for 8 hrs, it’s a 1/3 of your day. Or 1/2 of the time you are awake. So make the most out of that time. Live, laugh, love…

Part of The Chronicles of Turning 40, a series

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