Chronicles of Turning 40: Joys of Life

All moms will say their children bring them joy. And I am no different. My children are amazing individuals who are very independent and strong willed (understatement of the year for those who know them). In as much joy as they bring me, I feel guilty when I don’t feel like taking advantage of every moment with them. I know they will be grown before I know it (just like how I got to almost 40 before I realized it).

Sometimes though, life just gets in the way of enjoying those joyful moments. Ask any mom or dad who just got their kids off to school…there is very little to no joy in that daily routine (I really need to start tracking my heart rate and blood pressure before they wake up and after they leave). I just have to stop in the kitchen and lean on the counter to catch my breath. And then figure out how to get the strength to go to work. (While we are talking about morning routines, it’s ok if your children’s socks don’t match)

Often times, joy stands for “jokes on you”. Just when you think everything is joyful, life gets completely flipped upside down at a moments notice. Nail polish spilled on floor, juice spilled on the couch, dogs pee on the carpet, opening up their book bags and finding a discipline note…haha, jokes on you right then.

That’s the challenge - how to balance that joy with the jokes on you. I don’t know that there is an easy way to do it. And just when you feel like you are finally comfortable with whatever phase they are in, they have moved onto something else. And you find yourself behind once again (assuming you ever caught up to begin with)

Because we are all media addicts these days, you feel like you have to keep up with Joneses in all your pictures and posts. Everything is painted in a picture perfect life and that’s because you’ve probably edited your photos. What happened to the good old days of the polaroids? What you took was what you got (and it was just fine).

Best strategy is to embrace your flaws. Everyone has them, whatever they are. And by doing so, you are hopefully more able to more enjoy those jokes on you moments. I need more practice on practicing what I preach. Maybe turning 40 will give me a magical new perspective and wisdom on how to handle these moments. Or most likely, I’ll be just like I am right now.

Stayed tuned for Part 3 - Life Balance….

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