The Weeds of Life

A green thumb is something I was not blessed with. Our new home came equipped with an already planted organic garden out back. Previous owners had major green thumbs, a whole hand full of green thumbs. (The mom also home schooled their kids, and even left fresh baked bread for us when we took a tour of the house…I could only dream of being that kind of mom). My first thoughts of the garden, I will probably kill everything in it, scary.

First week in the new house, tending to the garden was not high on my priority list. (Neither was unpacking but it had to be done). So as you can imagine, the weeds grew fast.

I spent the better part of an afternoon recently weeding the garden and found that life parallels my garden pretty well.

Weeds here can refer to difficult people, places, life changes, circumstances fill in the blank for what’s appropriate for you. Maybe even all of the above are weeds for you.

No matter how beautiful or perfect you think your garden is, you will have weeds. And they spring up fast, especially when you aren’t paying attention. You have to tend to your life a little each day, just like your garden, to keep the weeds from overtaking control.

Sometimes the weeds are easy to pull out. Other times they are firmly rooted just like what you have planted. Sometimes you can’t get the weeds out without taking out some of the plant too. Life is like that too. Sometimes, the weeds will take a piece of you with them when they go. But, it is for the greater good. You will have a stronger and more fruitful version of yourself when you have dealt with the weeds.

Sometimes you have to be careful. Weeds can be deceiving. They can flower and bloom and appear to be something wondeful. But they can still overtake your garden. On the flip side, though, just like everything in life, all things are beautiful. Sometimes you have to find the good in it. And for a weed, it might just be its beauty like the goldenrod above.

Weeds don’t always disappear in real life though. They might always be there. So you have to change your approach in how you coexist with them. Keep yourself fertilized with things you enjoy. Have the right balance for yourself. Every plant is different..some like full sun, some like shade etc..Find what is right for you.

Most of all, find value in your garden everyday. The garden won’t produce a flower, fruit or vegetable each day. But that doesn’t make it less productive or valuable. And enjoy those weeds sometimes. You might surprise yourself and find that weeding the garden isn’t as bad as you think it is.

Part of The Chronicles of Turning 40, a series

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