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SM Entertainment’s CEO Kim Young Min treats his people really badly. So far from the band EXO, three members have left to peruse a solo career because of the contract they were signed to. The CEO says that it is selfish of them to leave. I think that if they didn’t like the contract and they were forced to do something that they didn’t want to it was not selfish.


SM Entertainment is known for having many bad things put on their name that is ruining their reputation. Some things that has happen is that the manager for EXO was walking out of the airport with Tao behind him and he slapped a fan girl just for asking to take a picture. After he was fined 1 million Korean Won.

On a good note SM just made a new band but is considered a unit. The band name is “NCT” which stands for “ Neo Culture Technology”. SM Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo-Man says “That different teams will debut based in different countries around the world” he also said that there will be no defined number of members and will be multiple sub-units within the band. I think that so far the band is doing pretty well considering that the debut date was April of 2016. So far they have released two songs. “The 7th Sense” which is about the hopes and dreams and “Without You” is a really dreamy song. I personally like both because both of the songs bring different vibes. The “7th Sense” is more of hip hop/pop and “Without You” is calmer and not as upbeat.

NCT U (Neo Culture Technology Unit) LEFT to RIGHT ~ Mark, Taeyong, TEN, Jaehyn, Doyoung, and Taeil
YG Entertainment’s New Girl Group “Black Pink” LEFT to RIGHT ~ Jisoo, Lisa, Rose, and Jennie
Big Bang LEFT to RIGHT ~ T.O.P., Seungri, G-Dragon, Daesung, and Taeyang

Currently YG entertainment just revealed the 4th member of a girls group that he is putting together. Her name is Rose and she is turning 19 this year. she got in from an audition that she did when she was 14 years old and was a trainee for 5 years. The first official member of the group is Jennie. She is 20. She was acting in G-Dragon’s music video for “That XX”. She is also speaks fluent Korean, English, and Japanese. The second official member is Lisa. She is 19. She came from Thailand. She put a video of her dancing on YouTube and it has more that 6 million views. She is fluent in Thai, Korean, English and Japanese. The third official member is Jisoo. She is 21. She is well known for her acting. Also YG has decided to make a movie for one of his more popular group “Big Bang”(TOP, Taeyang, G-Dragon, Daesung, and Seungri).

f(x) Girls Group part of S.M. Entertainment
LEFT to RIGHT ~ Kai and Krystal

EXO Kai and f(x) Krystal are dating! Honestly I think that it is great that they are dating because they have been friends for the longest (10 years). When they first started dating everyone thought it was an April fools joke.But when SM confirmed that they were dating it came as a surprise to everyone because not all record labels let you date. But not everyone took this as a positive thing. They didn’t take this as a positive thing because the fans think that Krystal is following in her sister footsteps. Krystal is the younger sister of Jessica Jung former member of Girls’ Generation also known as SNSD. In 2014 Jessica left SNSD to peruse a solo career and for a boy. I think that the fans are nervous that Kai and Krystal are going to leave EXO and f(x) to be with each other.

BANGTAN BOYS aka BTS LEFT to RIGHT ~ V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin, and J-Hope

BTS also known as “Bangtan Boys” is part of Big Hit Entertainment. Big Hit doesn’t have many bad thing on their name other that in 2015 BTS had an abusive manager. The way we found out about it is when they were making a video Jin was talking to the camera. The manager in the back was holding the door and Jungkook bumped him and the manager said something to him then raised his hand. When the manager raised his hand Jungkook flinched like the manager had done it before. Another way we found out was when BTS was doing a concert and they were doing a vlog for the fans. In the middle of the vlog all the boys were out of the camera except for V. While V was in the camera he was dancing then the manager came up to him and hit him in the chest then said something. Honestly I don’t understand why managers want to abuse their clients when the are getting paid to manage them.

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