Orange Is The New Black Ranking

Tanya Barrera

I don’t like Morello because she just seems to know a lot about love and she gets really annoying with that.
I don’t like Doggett either because she gets very annoying when she always says that she’s God’s helper.
I don’t like Boo either because she’s always very rude to other inmates and she always wants what she wants.
I don’t like Soso either because she never stops talking and always smells really bad.
I don’t like Vee because she thinks she is the boss now at Litchfield.
I don’t like Judy King because she gets all the special treatment that no one else gets.
I don’t like Leanne because she always takes sides and is like a follower.
I don’t like Gina because she thinks that she can tell everyone else what to do.
I don’t like Angie because she’s always clueless about everything and never pays attention to what other people say.
I don’t like Lolly because she thinks that “NSA” is gonna attack them and she can never keep a secret.
I don’t like Aleida because when her daughter, Dayanara, went to prison she didn’t care for her at all.
I don’t like Maureen because she is crazy and tells Crazy Eyes what to do all the time.
I sort of don’t like Blanca because she scares me but she’s also funny.
I sort of don’t like Piper because she thinks she’s better than everyone.
I sort of don’t like Alex because she never leaves Piper alone and she always has to lie.
I don’t like Miss Claudette because everyone who lives with her she has to boss them around.
I hate the weeping woman because every time she’s on the phone she’s always crying for some reason.
I kind of like Burset because she is really funny and I like how she doesn’t care what other people have to say about her.
I like Washington because she never wants war between every race of inmate.
I really like “Taystee” because she’s very funny and she’s chill about everything and doesn’t want any drama.
I like Nicky because she is really funny and doesn’t care what the officers do to her.
I don’t like “crazy eyes” because she is very loud and stalks all the girls.
I like “Red” because she will give you what you need but you need to trade her something.
I like Stella because she’s very hot and I don’t know.
I like Ramos because she’s very funny and is also hot.
I like “Black Cindy” because she’s funny and would do anything for her rights.
I like “Flaca” because she does what she wants to.
I like Ruiz because she’s a savage and has a chola attitude.
I like Mendoza because she takes care of her people so they won’t get in trouble.
I sort of like Romano because she doesn’t talk but she can be caring to other inmates.
I like Watson because she stands up for herself and doesn’t let anyone get to her.
I like Jones because she wants peace between every inmate and she wants every inmate to have the same rights.
I like Sister Ingalls because she supports most inmates and she will do anything to get her rights.
I like Miss Rosa because she didn’t want to die while being in prison so she left.
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