Robert Lewandoski

by Joshua Rios and Cielo Gonzalez

Robert Lewandoski is a striker that plays for Bayern Munich which is in a German league. Lewandoski is the 2nd best striker in the national soccer team right behind Luis Suarez. In my opinion Ithink Lewandoski should be first because hes have been having a great season, in fact he scored 5 goals in 9 minutes. He was born in august 21, 1988 in Warsaw, Poland. He is 28 years old but still has more talent in his future. When he score he makes the most shocking, amazing, unstoppable goals.

Before going the Bayern Munich he played for Borussia Dortmund which is also in the German league. He left Dortumd to go to Bayern Munich for a brighter future for him and his family. In FIFA his rating card was 87 but since hes been doing good overall they brought him up to an 88. He has been getting a lot of special cards which means that hes been doing outstanding work. He got to be in the team of the season card which is a 98 overall rated player.

Robert Lewandowski is a hero to me personally because he inspires me to be just like him. Some people might have chosen Ronaldo or Messi because they’re the “best” but in my opinion I think Lewandowski is the best and here are my reasons why.

  • He is the second best striker right now
  • He’s the best player in his national team
  • He has a lot of skills that most of the others players don’t have

This image you see right here is when Lewandoski wears his mask. He wears this mask when he scores outstanding goals. He had a partner that he used to celebrate with which was Marco Reus. You can say they were best friends back in the time when they both played in Borrussia Durtmund. Now that Lewandoski is with Bayern Munich he has gotten better.

This picture is a card in FIFA 11 where Lewandoski played in Borussia Dortmund and was 76 rated. His stats are not the best in the old times.

This card is in FIfA 16 which Lewandoski is now 88 rated, way better than he was before. His team now is Bayern Munich like Ihave said before.

These cleats right here are his own personal boots/cleats. If you see closely it has a number 9 representing his jersey number, and it says “Lewy” by the inside of his ankles which is short for Lewandoski.

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