Tagging is Broken
Tiago Forte

You just saved me a ton of aggravation and hysteria…

I’m spontaneous and risk-keen and fairly haphazard…and yet somehow this personality of mine also has an anal, OCD, highly detail-oriented proclivity to over-over-over (did I mention over?) organize. Fortunately, I’m one of those users who has had Evernote for years but have never actually used it and subsequently haven’t developed bad habits around it; I was just about to start having read all these articles on “tags” and “hierarchies”…my organizational wet-dream.

Luckily I came across your article which opened my eyes to something I already had an inkling of but have readily ignored: no matter how hard I try, no matter what intricate system I develop, no organizational scheme has ever treated me well…like an abusive relationship, I always come out on the other side having put countless hours into maintaining my system only to realize I've actually accomplished nothing, battered and bruise and worse off than when I started.

Your paragraph about the creative process is EXACTLY what I needed to realize the true purpose of a system like Evernote (at least for someone like me, mind you) which is to feel confident that I’m storing my “ingenious and world-changing” ideas somewhere so that I keep the flow of concepts and widgets happening. Or at least know I have my favorite Imgur gif’s safely stored for eternity. Thanks, Tiago.

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