I can’t stop staring at this photo of a man walking a duck with dogs in his pockets

A few days ago, someone posted a photo of a person walking their pet. No big deal, right? There was a cute dog in the picture and everything. But it wasn’t the dog that was going for a walk. The dog was snuggled by its owner in a pocket.

Instead, it was a duck that was going for a stroll. And from there, I have no idea what’s going on. I have so many questions about this photo. For one, the duck is on a leash and it’s wearing shoes. Was this duck raised thinking it was a dog? Seems plausible considering it probably lives within close proximity of that pocket dog.

Wait a second — there’s also a second dog hiding in the left pocket! What?

But then there’s the question of whether these pets get along with each other. Are the dogs not walking with the duck because they need some separation? How does the owner maintain the peace at home?

Also, why does the duck have shoes that fully cover its feet while the owner is wearing sandals? Where does one even buy duck shoes? (On the web? I’m sorry). This has me scratching my head. How does any of this happen?

I’m so perplexed that I’m even questioning whether that sandwich is for the owner, the duck, or the dog. Anyway, I want to be this human.