Kris Jenner: Kim’s sex tape was ‘one of the most horrific things we went through’

The Hollywood Reporter has been doing extensive coverage ahead of the Emmy nominations announcement on July 13th. The campaigns are coming to a close as we speak, and I guess Kris Jenner wants Keeping Up with the Kardashians to be a major player in the reality-show categories, because she’s been doing a lot of press lately, specifically industry-press. In addition to appearing on The Hollywood Reporter’s reality-show roundtable, Kris also did THR’s awards-chatter podcast. And the quotes are just as asinine as you would expect.

On O.J. Simpson: “After that initial shock of, ‘What’s going on,’ I just felt like I knew, probably, what had happened,” Jenner says, apparently alluding to her belief that O.J. had killed Nicole
On Kim’s sex tape: Jenner calls that time “devastating” and “one of the most horrific things that we, as a family, went through,” and says she finds “offensive” any suggestion that she and/or Kim conspired to make the video public as part of an effort to attract publicity. “Of course it’s nonsense,” she says. “You know, haters are gonna hate. People are gonna come up with the most ridiculous things.”
Jenner says that she has learned to develop thicker skin: “I’m a lot softer than you would imagine,” she volunteers, elaborating: “It stings sometimes when somebody says, ‘You’re so fat,’ or ‘You’re too old to be on social media,’ or ‘You look awful in that outfit’ — like, such silly, stupid things. You’re going, ‘Really?’ I’ll call up Kim and go, ‘Do I look that bad in that picture? Do I look fat?’ But I think the most hurtful thing is when people will say, ‘Oh, you’re just managing your kids — you’re getting money from your children’ or your family or whatever. I’m thinking, ‘Well, hell yeah! I mean, I’m trying to create a business here, and nobody has their best interest like I do. We all love working together and we love our situation. Why don’t you go worry about your own situation and go get a job yourself?’”

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