Robert Kennedy Jr. at DC Rally

Kennedy reviews the history of the corruption of vaccine science, the collusion, and the cover-up. He names names — lots of them.

So why didn’t anyone from the press mention any of this in any news report?

It’s simple — because the press is complicit.

For two decades the media in the United States has back up health officials who deny, deny, deny anything is wrong with vaccines. They’ve given us every study, cited all the conflicted experts, and been on the receiving end of piles of pharmaceutical industry advertising dollars.

All this is in Robert Kennedy’s talk. Health officials and corporate news outlets don’t want what Kennedy said to go beyond the roomful of parents in Washington last month.

Kennedy’s words are damning. They tell us about the worse medical/government scandal in history.

Revolution for Truth

Robert Kennedy began with an acknowledgement of the difficult lives of families living with autism. He explained that his work on mercury pollution in the environment led to his involvement in the vaccine safety issue. He started to read the science on mercury use in vaccines.

“I was immediately struck when I started reading the science on PubMed of the huge delta between what the industry, and what the press, and what the public health establishment were saying the science said, and what the science actually said.

“At that time people were saying that there’d never been a study showing that thimerosal was dangerous, and I expected, when I started looking at the books, it to be very, very difficult to find thimerosal studies. And I immediately found fourteen hundred references, and ultimately we found between four and five hundred studies which are assembled in the book.

“As part of my research, I started calling up these scientists on both sides. And one of the people I called, for example, Kathleen Stratton, … head of [The Institute of Medicine], and I called Paul Offit. These people were defenders. Paul Offit told me — he was driving at the time — …and he told me that he had gotten into public health because of his admiration for my father, so I had no reason to dislike Paul Offit. I started talking to him. At that time I’d read a lot of the science, and I said, ‘How is it that the CDC and the FDA are telling mothers to limit their consumption of tuna fish, and yet we’re injecting them with levels, in the vaccines, of mercury that have much higher levels than a can of tuna …?’

“And he said, ‘That’s simple, Bobby, the ethyl mercury in vaccines is harmless because it’s immediately excreted from the body compared to the methyl mercury in fish.’

“By that time I had read the science, and I knew that that wasn’t true. …There was a study that seemed to indicate that seemed to indicate that.

Kennedy talked about a study.

What he showed is that the mercury, mercury from vaccines, disappeared in one week from a child’s blood stream, and that the half life of mercury from tuna fish, in the blood stream, was fifty-four days. So that seemed to support the old industry mythology that it disappeared quickly.

There was a flaw in the study.

“… which is that he was unable to show what happened to the mercury after it left the blood. So his assumption was that it was leaving the body. But Boyd Haley, who I did not know at the time, had written a letter to the journal saying, what happened to it? He had measured the amount of mercury in the child’s feces and it didn’t account for anywhere near the mercury that was in the vaccine.

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