Trump reportedly wants to fire Sean Spicer because he doesn’t like the way he dresses

On Monday, following Sean Spicer’s first official go at briefing the White House press corps, I gave the new press secretary three weeks tops in the position before he gets axed. Sadly, it appears he won’t even last that long. Reports from inside 1600 Penn suggest that top officials are already looking for his replacement.

While Spicer’s Monday briefing was more well received than his contentious, bratty performance Saturday, I surmised that an extended eight-minute whinge-fest, during which Spicer told the assembled members of the press the president was sad because they were always so mean, wasn’t going to score him any points with the man in charge. It appears I was right. Also, the president just doesn’t like the way Spicer dresses.

“Doesn’t the guy own a dark suit?” President Trump reportedly said of his press secretary. Notably, Spicer changed out of the poorly fitting, gray suit he wore Saturday into something a little darker and tailored Monday.

Axios reported that, according to a senior aide, Trump is “obsessed with the performance art of his press secretary,” which is in line with sources who say POTUS is making his appointment decisions based on people’s looks. Being that Spicer has the appearance of a zombified thumb, he was apparently never Trump’s top choice for the position, reportedly because he was not “telegenic” enough.

Bon voyage, Spicer! Probably for the best you get out of the oncoming shit show sooner rather than later.

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