IMMLA official announcement

MMMmmm maybe some more information should be added to this statement,

You first launch a pre-ico with certain conditions, price, supply, bonus. Get funds from investors, ok.

The pre ico finishes, and you used the funds to build the ico and promote your project thanks to your investors, fine.

Then you changed the total supply, create double tokens from thin air, and keep your % from the old supply, that is, you double your tokens, which is logical because if you don't do it you loose half of the value since you increased supply.

But you didn't increase the tokens assigned to the pre ico investors so they did cut their value in half.

People start complaining, you start banning them in telegram and delete messages. Not nice.

And now you tell investors that they can have their money back if they don´t like the fact that you cut their value in half. Now, that they have already paid the risk for you, now that you already have used the money, now that you don´t need them.

This is a huge red flag for your project as a whole. You are in fact recognizing fraud but not fixing it. Creating an horrible precedent for all your present and future investors, who now knows that you can double, triple or do whatever you want with supply in the future, keep your ratio and make everyone else poorer. And well, if you don´t like it, no problem, we give you your money back. The money that we now don´t need, the money we already used. You paid risk in exchange of nothing. Now you can choose loose value (not because the market, just because we want you to loose value), or to loose even more value. What will you do in further decisions, when real problems arrive?

But we did everything right, it´s all you that don´t understand. This is how we roll. In all this statement, there´s not a word telling anyone that something not right was done. So you are normalizing this behavior. Normalizing stealing value from your investor like its normal. Buyers beware.

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