Digital Marketer, Author and Influencer, Jay Baer, Shares Thoughts on Using Social Media to Provide Better Customer Service

During the annual ePharma conference in New York City, March 6–8th, 2017, digital marketing expert, Jay Baer, gave an insightful talk , on day one of the event, providing tips on how businesses, especially pharma and healthcare providers, can better leverage digital media to “hug their haters.”

Baer, whose also a New York Times best selling author of ‘Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers,’ detailed what he discovered about serving customers while doing research for his book.

He believed that the general consensus was that faster is better in serving customers. “That being quick and nimble is the greatest competitive advantage any company can have,” Baer recalls.

Here are some other topics he addresses?

  • What customers really want from brands in delivering customer service
  • How brands are adapting in the digital age
  • Why customers chose social media as a medium to communicate directly to brands
  • The challenges businesses, including pharma, are faced with in delivering quality service.

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