What Exactly Will it Take for Pharma to Go Big?

 Pharma is a legacy industry that’s not built for digital. Customers may have a different role in the prescription decision in the future, and pharma & life sciences marketers need to recognize this.

Patricia Brown, Executive Director, US Marketing at Merck & Co., Inc. stated that digital goes back to the core marketing principles:

  1. Who is your customer?
  2. Where are they?
  3. How can you reach them?
  4. What is the size of this opportunity?
  5. What’s the digital IQ of your team?

 During this year’s ePharma summit many presenters spoke on the necessity of driving innovation from within an organization to achieve overall success. But how do you bring a change to a larger group of people?

“The leadership needs to come from the top,” Craig Lipset, Head of Clinical Innovation, R&D at Pfizer.

It’s not about failing fast; it’s about experimenting and learning quickly. Employees have a fear of failure, that’s why it’s important to communicate that digital transformation is not about a destination but it’s a continuous process. People need to feel ownership, and their voice needs to be heard at some point of the process.

Do we have the right content?

Once we define who our customer is, and what his key interests and pain points are, we can move on to the next step — engagement.

“Remember, what the definition of marketing is: to Influence beliefs and change behavior.” — Daryl Travis, Founder and CEO, Brandtrust, Author, “Little Things Big Returns.”

It’s not so much about what people are doing but why are they doing it — the purpose. We are drowning in data and missing the insight, and the human factor is what we need. People are buying an experience that means something to them.

Here are the three takeaway points from Daryl Travis:

  • Focus on what matters the most
  • Get your story right
  • Check for an amazing experience

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Written by Ksenia Newton, Digital Content Manager.