Company & Investor Updates

It’s easy to push off updates because you don’t feel you have good news. Or you’re busy… But I can say as an active investor and advisor, I wish more of the companies I want to help would share what is going on! Too many calls spend precious time reviewing what could have been in an update. If they are doing that with me, how much time are they spending doing that with the numerous other investors and advisors? Time spent getting up to speed means less time for valuable discussion. Long ago, I started to think of investors & advisors similar to employees in that we’re all working together to build a company on the same team and just like employees, our investors and advisors benefit from well-cadenced updates. Here’s my ask: write an update, share it with your team/investor/advisor, and then ask if it was helpful. I truly think you will value the feedback and be pleasantly surprised.

Here are my tips for writing updates:

They can be super simple to structure and have varying depth

They can build on each other

They can be empowering, aligning, and rewarding

They can help you tell a story

Four good categories to cover

To get you up and running, here’s my model, cadence, and a link to a template. Weeklies go to our Company. Quarterlies to Investors and Advisors. They cover the basics using these headers with a short introductory message from me sent via email:

Hopefully, this is helpful. Happy updating.

Artwork credit to the incredible Dana Brookes.

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