The Ten Arrows of Truth, as Told by the Master Katsuro to His Pupils.

  1. To drink deep of life, we must first taste a little of death.

2. The truth has few allies, but it needs none.

3. The blade serves no master but death. Remember this well before you let your stroke fall.

4. Do not underestimate any opponent, for fate rules over strategy, and countless are the warriors who have died by a coward’s hand.

5. Release a child into the world as you would loose an arrow to the winds: toward a worthy target — but aware that fate has its own designs.

6. Glory is the handmaiden of death. Seek one, and you will find the other.

7. Most sacred of all is the blade that has never shown its face to the sun.

8. If you cannot weep at the swatting of a fly, do not weep at the death of your children — for you have not yet embraced the world.

9. Death often comes to the young in fair disguise.

10. Prepare your soul for death as you would prepare for a most honored dinner guest who will never arrive.

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