Little Baby Flower

In my garden class we learned how to grow our own fruit, vegetables, and flowers. I’m growing a fruit called Little Baby Flower. The Little Baby Flower is a type of watermelon. The reason why I chose this fruit is because I was curious about how watermelons were grown. I didn’t know it takes so many steps to grow a watermelon. Did you know it takes at least seventy days for it to harvest? That’s at least two months for it to be ripe and ready to eat. My watermelons are still growing, and after a week eight out of seventy two germinated!


This right here is Borage. Borage attrack’s bees so the leaves of the watermelon can get poloenated.

But keeping my watermelon safe from pests isn’t going to be easy. The Little Baby Flower’s pest is the Beet Army Worm. I haven’t seen any yet but I might see some later. But for right now my Little Baby Flowers are doing just fine.

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