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Winters in the UK can be quite chilly, and it is necessary to fit heating systems and boilers in residential as well as commercial units. This will not only offer comfort but also increase the efficiency of the people to work more when they would otherwise be lazing around. Buying a new gas boiler and getting it installed may come off as an expensive affair, but with research, you can get the best boiler installation services firms, but it is best to audit each of the gas plumbing and heating service providers in your locale.
In this guide, we look at what it takes to install a boiler in your home or office.
Get a Quote
Many unscrupulous new gas boiler installation companies will quote prices that are too good to be real. After getting in touch with us, we send our qualified personnel to take measurements and see the type of boiler you have. This will help us in estimating the right price for the installation work.
We also give you a time line for the best possible time to install your boiler, if it is a matter of necessity and you do not have hot water or heating, we guarantee the boiler installation process in a maximum of 5 days after signing the installation contract.
Boiler Installation
Our personnel has the best training with hands on experience, and we will schedule your central heating boiler installation at a time that is convenient for you. Our engineers also install a carbon monoxide detector and take away your old malfunctioned boiler. They will take great care to cover your carpet around the installation area and tidy up after the installation process.
As a bonus, we will get in touch with you after a few weeks to see if the newly installed boiler is working optimally.
Servicing Your Boiler
It is essential that you create a servicing and maintenance schedule for your boiler. You do not have to be an expert to ensure your boiler is running smoothly, especially during winter. Contact your new boiler installation services company to generate a maintenance schedule; it is best to make sure that you service your boiler annually.
Gas leaks are rare especially in the models of gas boilers if they occur they are extremely dangerous. Regular servicing ensures that your boiler is safely working and efficiently. We can help keep your boiler in top condition, which will save you on your monthly utility bills.
We have been in the trade now for over 15 years, and we have the necessary licenses, insurance, and we are gas safe registered.
Efficient Plumbing and Heating Ltd. Is a family-run business that has been trusted by homeowners across Essex for the past 17 years. Our registered plumbers have more than 15 years of experience and we offer gas, bathroom installation, electrical, boiler, plumbing, heating, and drainage services. We also can help you in a pinch, because we offer emergency service for those who live locally. From Baxi to Worchester Bosch, we provide award-winning boilers that come with a 10-year parts and labour warranty for free. Visit us at: to see our certifications, services, special pricing, and offers!

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