What Are The Benefits Of 508 Compliance Conversion?

Imagine you’ve either put or intend to put some content out on the net. Under normal circumstances, anyone with who is visually impaired will not be able to be able to read your content. Also, there might be people who either lack hands or due to accident or disease, cannot use them. Such people too will have difficulty accessing your content.

Now, if your content is 508 Compliant, the user can have your content read out to them. Microsoft Word and other apps (generic term “Screen Readers”), available online can read the content provided it is 508 Compliant. Also, if the content you are uploading is meant for or is being uploaded on behalf of the United States Government, than you are legally required to ensure content is 508 compliant.

‘508 Compliant’ refers to Compliance standards as set by Section 508 of the United States Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This Act requires federal agencies to ensure that software and websites can also be accessed by people with disabilities. A 508 Compliant page makes it compatible with screen reading technology / applications. The idea behind Section 508 of the United States Rehabilitation Act of 1973 was that differently abled persons and physically impaired persons can access content, read and fill forms on their own without having to require someone else assist them. They can do so only if the content they are trying to access is 508 Compliant.

There are many companies with the USA that provide 508 compliance services. There also also 508 Compliance service providers in out-sourcing countries such as India. 508 Compliance is essentially about adding a few technical insertions that make the document compatible with screen readers. Section 508 Compliance Testing Tools does not change the content itself.

Screen readers work by being able to distinguish between say a text heading and the content. Between the first paragraph and the next between text content and say a graphic or photo and so forth. A screen reader can only accomplish this task if the content itself properly and technically distinguishes these elements.

508 Compliant Document Conversion is not about improving the language or grammar it simply making the content compatible with a screen reader. For this reason, most content providers in the US tend to work with India service providers because these Indian are not only technically good at what they do, the fee they charge makes very good business sense. Also, you send them the material at close of business and they will have it ready and emailed back to you before you even walk into your office the following morning.

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