Why Don’t Americans Travel?

There is no feeling quite like the refreshing and enriching experience one gets when they take an international vacation. With many studies showing that vacations are essential to one’s health, so few Americans choose to travel.

Why More Americans Should Travel Abroad

As citizens of one of the world’s wealthiest nations, Americans should theoretically travel more. However, the fact is that less than half of American citizens own a passport. Wondering why Americans are so apprehensive to international travel? Read on.

1. Americans are Too Obsessed with the American Dream

Too many Americans are caught up with the idea that they need to grow their wealth before they travel. However, when one waits for the right time when they reach their ideal level of success, they may be too old or too sick to travel as they might have when they were younger.

2. Americans Don’t Always Value Experiences

When it comes to what they prioritize, most Americans place things over their experiences. Instead of spending money on travel, most people put their money into their material possessions. When people place their focus on making enough money to “keep up with the Joneses” they have very little money left to fund an international trip.

3. When Traveling, Americans Care More About Security and Privacy

People that hold onto the idea that they need to be wealthy to partake in traveling also think that they need to have the best when it comes to privacy and security abroad. Alternatively, other travelers that are willing to except living communally in hostels, stay on stranger’s couches or live a less-than-luxurious life while traveling. While these travelers sacrifice their privacy, they are able to save more money to see more of the world.

While safety is important, Americans hoping to travel abroad should be more trusting of others. By sharing living spaces and accommodations with strangers, Americans can get their international traveling in without necessarily risking their safety.

4. Americans Have Less Vacation Time

Another factor that makes it harder for Americans to travel abroad is the lack of vacation time that most American workers have. According to certain surveys, America makes it in as #12 for the most hours worked a year. The sad truth is that most American employers don’t understand the benefit of giving their employees ample vacation time.

Perhaps the American dream can change. Americans that make traveling a priority in their lives have the ability to put their money where it matters. These four things should inspire every aspiring traveler to take their dream vacation before it’s too late.