Chrome IG Story — Bribing the Instagram Story API with cookies 🍪🍪🍪
Alec Garcia


I am using an old version of Instagram for android where I can listen to the SSL requests with Charles Proxy (on PC I did not).

When I get the stories 'feed/reels_tray/' not all users have items as you say.

One option is to make individual requests to each user at 'feed/user/USER_ID/reel_media/'

But that is too heavy…
I found another option listening the app but I can not imitate it.

For that it is necessary to send a POST to 'feed/reels_media/' with all the ids (PKs) and this returns the items of all.

But I can not form the post correctly. I always get the message:

"Message": "Invalid user list"...

Any ideas?