When Childbirth Feels like Assault
Family Resemblance

Thank you. While childbirth is an extreme example, patients are ridiculed, belittled, ignored and talked down to all the time. I still get angry about all of my lost years due to doctors assuming patients are idiots, and my assumption that doctors had more information than I did.

We are taught from a young age that doctors are good. Doctors want to help you feel better.

However, doctors are human. Medicine is big business and the best thing health-wise may not be the best thing profit-wise. Our system is fragmented so your GP and neurologist, gynecologist, allergy specialist, etc rarely interact.

You don’t have to just arrive with good information. You have to arrive with a game plan. You have to arrive with multiple sources … and gawd forbid don’t use the word “internet”. I had to learn the hard way how to become my own advocate and be ready with solid questions and answers.

When you’re in the middle of labor this isn’t an easy task. Doctors do this all day so they just can’t appreciate how it feels going through it once or twice in a lifetime. They also overlook individual things … just like when you’re driving down that street you’ve driven a zillion times.

I hope these lawsuits have an impact.