The whole system.
Anya Kaz

Wow and there’s more!

I was able have brain surgery with Obamacare. Going without insurance when you are born with epilepsy and other chronic health problems is not an option. I would have been completely up Shit Creek if there wasn’t a way to buy insurance after the place I’d worked for 8 years went out of business. I would likely have been unable to get any insurance for any price … because of the reasons I needed insurance in the first place.

It is far from perfect, and I’ll take employer benefit version of medical insurance over it any day of the week. Now I have a FT job with benefits, which probably wouldn’t be the case had I been unable to have that surgery back in January.

I’m very happy that you were lucky enough to be born healthy. If you get into a car accident or get diagnosed with cancer, don’t go whining about how expensive it was to not be prepared for it.

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