Surfers Epiclist 2014: 10 Epic Surfing Trips Around The World

We asked over 50 Surf Pros. We put days of research. We surfed some of this places ourselves. All of it pursuing this big goal: Creating the Surfers Epiclist 2014!

Where is it? How does it look like? What makes every spot so special? No worries, we´ve put a lot of effort to visualise our pick of destinations with photos and good descriptions, so you know what to expect and what to add to your surfing journey.

But remember, our job is only to pinpoint you in each of the directions and let your curiosity lead you to explore the rest and find your own adventure rather then follow every detail.

We also curated this experiences on Epiclist, so you can simply bookmark it or add your faves to your upcoming adventures and have all the info on the go!


1. In the land Down Under: Byron Bay, Australia

Why we love it: We have been there and everything they use to say about Byron Bay is true! The Australian hippie town has an uber-chilled, back-in-time vibe, where surfing is a standard program during the day and barhopping during the night! Its not too far away from Brisbane and Sydney and some 70 km stretch of sand will leave you plenty of space to practice. It seems like everyone who has ever been to Byron Bay loves it! There has to be a reason for that, though we wonder that the legendary place will soon get too crowded and might lose its vibe.

In-between surfing and hanging out, spend your time with exploring the Australian backcountry, the waterfall-road or diving in the Julian Rocks Marine Park to meet up with turtles, manta-rays or even whales!

For diving, check-in with Sundive. For surfing, just hit the beach!

Surfer Profile: Beginner to Pro

Surfing Time: Best from October to April

2. Hawaiian vibes in Hunalei, Kauai

Why we love it: Hanalei Town is one of the least developed and most beautiful islands in the Hawaiian chain. The locals here maintain a strong sense of identity, making it a great destination to catch some waves, learn about the Hawaiian culture while being surrounded by beautiful nature! After a great surfing day, go diving or snorkelling with resident turtles, relax in one of the beach bars or just take a walk along the beach enjoying the sunset!

Surfer Profile: Beginner to Pro

Surfing Time: Best from March to October

Photo: Surfers in Uluwatu by Stan Bugaev

3. Surf in Uluwatu and discover Bali, Indonesia

Why we love it: We spent 4 weeks in Bali, wandering all across the island, exploring its beautiful rainforest towns and rice-terraces, watching one incredible sunset after another and surfing some of the best waves in our life. After checking out several spots we felt in a surfers love with Uluwatu. Even if you are not a surfer, you will enjoy the flair here, just by sipping beers in one of the cafes on the cliffs, eating tasty local food and watching surf pros riding huge waves beneath you.

Bonus-Tip: Traveling in Indonesia is very affordable. If you already make all your way flying in to Bali, take some extra time to discover the island and visit the green town of Ubud, party in Kuta, dive in the Manta Point, climb the Agung Volcano (super tough!) and surf on the reefs of Nusa Penida.

Surfer Profile: Strong and fast current in Uluwatu requires a very good surf level. But even if you just traveling in Bali, making an extra stop here is worth it. There are many surf schools, which can also take to other spots. Check-in with Quicksilver Surf School.

Surfing Time: May to September

4. Surf in Raglan on your road trip through New Zealand

We love it because: The small surf community in Raglan is still quite untouched from the tourism cloud in New Zealand. People kinda love this place. There is everyone on the fan list, from backpackers to young families. Probably because of a whole range of outdoor activities, from surfing to mountain biking to whale-watching. All of it, while staying in the quiet and love town of Raglan.

Add a relatively consistent swell season, beautiful landscapes, excellent road systems and cheap caravans for hire, and you are looking at one of the best indie surf/road trips in existence. Check-in with legendary Wicked Campers if you are looking to hire a van in New Zealand.

“The old vibe still exists here,” says Charlie Young, the director of the Raglan Surfing School. “People still look out for each other.”

Surfer Profile: Beginner to Intermediate

Surfing time: November to February

Photo: Nosara by Safari Surf School

5. Lost in the jungle: Nosara, Costa Rica

We love it because: “Warm water, friendly locals, endless beaches, long point breaks and virtually year-round high swells make it a veritable surfing Disneyland, … Nosara offers the kind of lifestyle that most surfers only dream about. It is a perennial favorite among traveling surfers of all levels for both its waves and relaxed pace of life.” — National Geographic puts it perfectly in line, as they name Nosara as one of the best Surfing Towns in the world.

And there is even more: Costa Rica has a big name for eco-tourism: From thrilling rafting adventures to deep jungle treks and rich wildlife, there are tons of activities in and around Nosara. Check-in with our surfer friends from Safari Surf School, who also run a volunteering program to give back to nature.

Surfer profile: There are places for literally everyone, from surf kids to surf pros!

Surfing time: Rainy season (May to November) attracts less people and a nice drop in prices for everything, while the waves get bigger and better.

6. In the land of mystery and magic: Taghazout, Morocco

Why we love it: From the high mountain peaks in the Atlas mountains to the ancient Berber culture and endless desert, Morocco is a truly magical destination! And there, in Taghazout, surfers from all around the world meet native Moroccans and Berbers and everything feels truly unique.

Because it is still fairly unknown, this destination is not very crowded, offering an epic winter getaway for Europeans, who know about it. The winds consistently blow offshore and the beach is ready to be discovered!

Check-in with Surf Rider Camp (run by one of Morocco’s best surfers, Yassine Ramdani) or Surf Maroc, which offer surf camps (including girls-only), yoga-surf retreats and several places to stay overnight, from basic-style rooms to villas with pools and hammam.

Surfing Profile: From beginner to pros. Great for couples in combination with an exploring trip in Morocco. Plan more time if you can.

Surfing time: September to April

Photo Credits: Surfing in Thagazout by Surf Maroc

7. Sun, rum and lots of Caribbean vibes: Barbados

Why we love it: Hidden away from the luxury resorts, the rugged Atlantic coast is where surfers and naturalists flock. There are spots for everyone from beginner to pro. However, the majority of attention falls on the Soupbowl, an epic right-hand reef break with a world-wide reputation. Life in Barbados is so sunny, that chances are pretty high you will never want to come back.

After your surfing day, spend your nights dancing away and trying some of the best rum in the world!

Surfer Profile: Beginner to Pro. Soupbowl mostly for Advanced

Surfing Time: November to April

8. 1192 islands and endless surf breaks: Surfing in the Maldives

Why we love it: We cant say it better as Alexander Haro from The Inertia: “If you’re after an absolutely perfect wave, the Southern Atolls in the Maldives is a goldmine. And the best way to get the most bang for your buck is to cruise around the atolls on a freaking yacht.”

Bring your other special and have the ultimate honeymoon adventure or hire one of the live-aboard boat tours catering to a more surf-centric experience. Check-In with Luex, specialised surf trip experts, offering some sweet deals in the Maldives.

Surfer Profile: Intermediate to advanced: Maldives’ waves can’t be considered super powerful, as the swell normally reaches shoulder-to-head high, but it offers big chances of barrels and long fun waves.

Surfing time: All year round.

9. Surf, chill and party vibes in Nicaragua

Why we love it: As Costa’s become slightly overdeveloped, more expensive and crowded, its northern neighbor has never looked more inviting. An average day in Nica starts with the sounds of waves right outside your bungalow, followed by a breakfast of waffles, tropical juices and perfect coffee, and heading out for the search of perfect waves. Sounds not too bad, right?

Check-In with Barefoot Surf Travel, a family of passionate surfers who share their love for surfing, good vibes and authentic travel experiences. Have a look on this video to see a day-snapshot in Nicaragua:

10. The California Classic: Santa Cruz, USA

Why we love it: Santa Cruz has a surfing history dating back to 1950s. As National Geographic describes it: “Men like Peter Cole, Ricky Grigg, and the Van Dyke brothers rode giant winter swells here on wooden longboards—sans leashes and wetsuits—in order to practice for the even more powerful waves of Hawaii….Tucked between sea cliffs and redwood forests, this NorCal gem boasts a fantastic surfing museum and 11 surf spots, including the Californian classic, Pleasure Point.”

To get a good company and learn new outdoor skills, join Cliff Hodges from Adventure Out, who is not only an inspiring and awesome guy, but also has one of the 65 best jobs in the world! His company teaches kids, students and adults to surf in Santa Cruz and Pacifica.

Surfer Profile: Everyone who wants to surf.

Surfing time: Best September to Mai.

For additional resources, check out the picks of National Geographic and Transworld Surf. And for more surfing journeys and experiences around the world, search for “Surf” on Epiclist.

Now, what are you waiting for?! Stop dreaming and start planning your next surfing trip now and shoot us an email if you have any more questions.

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