Becoming Heroes

What unites people who change their life to follow their dreams? 14 people reveal 14 stories about their life.

We have decided to dedicate this next couple of weeks in 2014 to all the incredible people, whom we got to know during the last 12 months. And we feel truly excited to highlight and feature this people, who inspire us get out there and go exploring, question our personal limits and follow our dreams.

Becoming Heroes tells 14 Stories about 14 People with 14 Journeys. Discover what unites them and how you can learn from them!

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Part 1: With Explorer Dave Cornthwaite

At the age of 25 Dave left his job as a graphic designer and embarked upon an adventure that would take him all over the world.

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Part 2: With Explorer Alastair Humphreys

“You do not need to fly to the other side of the planet to do an expedition.”

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Part 3: With Filmmaker Leon McCarron

Cycling 14,000 miles from New York to Hong Kong, facing tornados, black bears and many more.

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Part 4: With Pro-Kitesurfer Susi Mai

In the pursuit of adventure, shaping the tech world with Richard Branson and living life as a Pro-Kitesurfer and Entrepreneur.

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Part 5: With Sailor Emily Penn

“Sailing makes visiting the most wonderful and remote places possible.”

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Part 6: With Bloggers Dan and Casey

How a honeymoon journey can change your life.

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Part 7: With Mountaineer Clinton Lewis

Alpine photos from mountain trips to Peru: “You are going to succeed because you are crazy enough to think you can. And I did.”

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Part 8: With Adventurer
Suzanne van der Veeken

Becoming an adventurer and creating a lifestyle
around the curiosity for the world.

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Part 9: With Surfer and Entrepreneur
Zach Weisberg

Zach on creating The Inertia, the new publishing brand and online community for surfing.

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But, what is the story behind this stories? When creating Epiclist, we started with a mission to build a unique place, where we can inspire each other with through remarkable stories. Stories to remember that we are not alone daring new journeys in life. And by daring this journeys we gain moments and create new stories, which will stick with us for our whole life!

It does not matter if your dream is about flying to Mars or or flying with a paraglide, daring mavericks or just learning to surf because you are passionate about it; leading an expedition to Everest or hiking up the hills in your neighbourhood — Its the feeling of exploration and never-ending curiosity, which we want to celebrate!

This feeling is what we call passion! It does not matter how big or small the journey is. The heroic adventure starts with you.

Feel free to explore more adventures of our Heroes on Epiclist and discover their trips step by step. Onwards exploring!

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