The adventure island of Indonesia.

Untamed dragons, coloured volcano lakes and hidden waterfalls. Welcome to Flores.

The island of Flores, Indonesia: A hyper diverse multi-adventure paradise on both sides of the surface. Here you find rainforest, coral formations, indigenous tribes, deserted islands, wildlife and tropical fruits at its best. Every day I experienced something I never had before.

I’m torn between telling people about this place or a keeping it the secret. With the blessing of the locals I reveal a few of its epic adventure activities.

Camping in Komodo National Park:

Have you ever snorkeled around an island? Woke up with nothing but the sound of the waves and the singing of birds? Had a day without using keys and a phone? Swam with manta’s in the frontgarden? Cast-away is now made possible. Go camping in Komodo National Park with FloresXP.

Photos by ©Suzanne van der Veeken

Find inner peace on Kanawa Island

Chill in a hammock, while baby sharks swim underneath you. Wake up in a Bale on the beach, snorkel, dive, explore and chill a bit more. No internet. Only power at night. Kanawa Island Resort: the ultimate chillaxing spot after or prior to challenging inland adventures!

Swim under the Cunca Rami Waterfall

Rent a scooter and search for this waterfall. On your way make sure you stop for a fresh pineapple or banana. It’ll be the best ones you’ve ever tried. Most likely you will get lost. Support a local by letting him show you the way. If you’re lucky he will cut a fresh coconut out of his garden for you.

Photos by ©Suzanne van der Veeken

Mountainbike in the Bambootown of Ruteng

This bamboo town is at 1200 meter altitude, and while only four hours inland from Komodo National Park, it feels like you are in a different country. More than 90 % of the people here have never seen the sea before (yes, it’s an island!). If the sea, even though it’s close, is an unknown phenomenon, imagine how people react to a mountainbike passing bike. On a mountainbike you can go off the beaten path from the already off the beaten path Flores. Locals Bernardus and Lusia from Florescyclingtours have good bikes and are happy to take you around.

Photos by ©Suzanne van der Veeken

Spend the night at a local tribe: Belaraghi

Spent the night at Kampung Belaraghi, a fairy tale village, but then for real! This town is hard to find and requires some motorbiking and hiking to get there, but it’s worth it! Belaraghi is in the Ngada region of Flores where ancient belief systems are still part of everyday life. They’ll be honoured to have you and welcome you with a ti’i ka ebu nusi ceremony (in the photos above). I leave it up to you to experience what that is. Local William can take you there. He speaks the dialect. William Contact: +6281353968211 and

Observe the 1000s of foxes in Riung

Every evening just after the sun sets down, thousands, perhaps millions of Flying Foxes fly out from the Mangrove forest to starts their food searching activities on the mainland. It’s an incredible epic experience to watch this! Lovely local guide: Luk Man +6285253908340. He speaks some English and grills the best fish you’ve ever had.

Watch the sunrise at Kelimutu National park

The tree coloured lakes of Kelimutu are what Flores is possibly most famous for. It’s easy to get there (for Flores terms). Make it more adventurous to hike down and go for a swim under the waterfall and a dip in one of the natural hot pools.

Thoughtful Travel Take-aways:

  • Learn the basics of Bahasa Indonesia
  • Get a local phone number
  • Bring 1 small backpack
  • Open your heart and mind like never before
  • Plan roughly, or not.
  • Eat local fruits and zip tons of coconuts. It’ll be the best you’ll ever have.
  • Dress conservatively (shoulder & upper legs covered). Strong christian religion dominates.
  • When to go? Offseason which is February — May. It’s quiet and green.
  • How to get around? With the local bemo bus, a scooter, or car+driver

The rest I leave up to you to explore!

Photo by ©Suzanne van der Veeken

Check out Suzanne’s Flores adventure on Epiclist. You can read more about Flores on Suzanne’s adventure travelblog Destination Xploration!

Author and photos by Suzanne van der Veeken.

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