Today we have some truly incredible news to share with you. We’re excited to announce that Epiclist has been acquired by adventure brand VAUDE.

For 40 years, VAUDE has stood for high quality outdoor clothing and equipment for mountain sports, winning numerous awards for social and environmental commitment. …

On a mission to create a collaborative travel experience with participants from every corner of the world.

What is your story?

“My name is Angelo Lo Presti, my moniker is Superjab.

I am a world traveler. On January 1st, 2015, I will embark on a new journey: The Interactive Travel Adventure. The adventure begins in Cancun, Mexico, and will end in Cape Horn, Argentina. The journey will last roughly 8 months…

Epiclist Mountain Edition: 10 stories and 10 photos, exploring 10 special mountains across the planet.

This is the second part of the Epiclist Mountain Edition, featuring the second half of the 10 stunning journeys and mountains submitted by our community on Epiclist.

6. Climbing Mt Rainier by Jdombs Travels

This climb is definitely not for everyone. Though…

Becoming Heroes Part 8: With Suzanne van der Veeken, creating a lifestyle around her curiosity for the world.

“Step by step I create a lifestyle around my curiosity for the world. I go on long-term adventures with many small adventures in it. Whatever adventure I’m on, it has to be…

Zach Weisberg on creating The Inertia, the new surfing publishing brand and online community.


“To travel the world, surf, and write about those experiences is a dream. It’s an unthinkable profession – nearly sinful in its indulgence and hedonism, and when compared with alternative (but much likelier) careers, it…

Untamed dragons, coloured volcano lakes and hidden waterfalls. Welcome to Flores.

The island of Flores, Indonesia: A hyper diverse multi-adventure paradise on both sides of the surface. Here you find rainforest, coral formations, indigenous tribes, deserted islands, wildlife and tropical fruits at its best. Every day I experienced something I never had before.

I’m torn between telling people about this place…

10 stories and 10 photos, exploring 10 special mountain climbs across the planet. Epiclist Mountain Edition: Part 1

Mountains have always inspired us. Every mountain is a new challenge. A new way of seeing things. We are very excited to have many explorers on Epiclist, sharing their mountain adventures with…

Alpine photos from mountaineer Clinton Lewis:
“You are going to succeed because you are crazy enough to think you can. And I did.”

“Borrowed boots that were the wrong size were a bad idea. I collapsed from the altitude and exhaustion on Quitaraju and wasn’t discovered for almost 45 minutes…But learning how to function in the mountains and my first taste of an alpine start from a cave bivvy in the Ishinca Valley…

The best contributions.

Last week we teamed up with Adventurer and Filmmaker Leon McCarron for the new Epiclist Mission: Summer Adventure.

The best contribution will win a copy of Leons new book The Road Headed West. During this 2 weeks people shared some amazing adventures and moments with us! …

With Leon McCarron

“Over the next 14 months I cycled 14,000 miles from New York to Hong Kong, facing tornados, swollen river crossings and one hungry black bear along the way…”

We met Leon in a bar in London. He did not look crazy or anything like that. He looked like a normal…


Stories shared by the Epiclist team. Explore the world without limits. Onwards!

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