Terra Credit: Providing a decentralized payment solution to millions of the world’s unbanked population.

A decentralized payment platform ensures that transactions are made without the involvement of an intermediary or a regulator to monitor and control such transactions. A decentralized platform deviates from the usual processes of initiating transactions through third parties, this very factor ensures speedy conclusion of transactions.

Until recently, the lack of information regarding its use as an alternative means of exchange led to skepticism and the partial rejection of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The surge in prices of cryptocurrencies and the continuous manipulation of our financial markets by the traditional financial institutions are the key drivers pushing people to embrace safe, robust, and reliable digital platforms. Consequently, the total amount of crypto assets have ballooned to over one trillion dollars and the population of crypto users has jumped to above a hundred million. However, there exists a vacuum for some millions of persons who do not have access to financial services offered by banks and other financial institutions. The undesirable impacts of financial exclusion which prevents people from saving and investing in their future are the reason behind the development of Terra Credit.

Introducing Terra Credit

The complexities and cumbersomeness of other platforms in the crypto world have led to the development of a better crypto platform to target members of the public who are mostly technophobes and are unbanked. Terra Credit is a secure, transparent, and decentralized platform that offers free and fast crypto payments. It utilizes proof of stake in granting ownership of a credit blockchain. Terra Credit also replaces the complicated mining process by rewarding coins to users for maintaining credit blockchain.

Terra Credit; a unique decentralized payment platform

Terra Credit utilizes proof of stake as its preferred algorithm in selecting block producers based on coin balance and maturity. The choice of proof of stake as an alternative to proof of work reduces the high cost of production and increases the rate of transaction thereby ensuring an effective and efficient allocation and use of energy. Aside from functioning as a payment platform and as a regular cryptocurrency, Terra Credit can also function as an alternative to cash, a long-term investment vehicle, and a highly rewarding decentralized blockchain.

The uniqueness of Terra Credit decentralized payment platform offers a springboard that provides that purpose to compete and become a leading cryptocurrency in the crypto-economy.

Terra Credit Wallet

The Terra Credit wallet is built on cutting-edge technology that is tailored to meet the expectations of technophobes. It is an automated platform that offers a secure and simple option for transacting free and fast blockchain-based payment as well as earning a legitimate and passive income without the need for much technical knowledge.
The Terra Credit wallet is simple to use. An internet-connected PC and a balance of ten thousand coins are the requirements. The wallet should be completely synced and unlocked for staking.


There are many platforms in the crypto-economy. These platforms offer similar functions but the differentiating factor is the utilization of the proof of stake. This factor is offered by Terra Credit as a means of becoming a block producer. Terra Credit aims to provide a decentralized digital payment solution to the world unbanked population.

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😜If it’s not crypto, it’s crypto.😜

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Epic Lord

Epic Lord

😜If it’s not crypto, it’s crypto.😜

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