Whats THE “Secret” to SUCCESS? It’s simple..

Throughout the year I run into old friends, speak with family I haven’t spoken to in a while, or get introduced to somebody new. I also meet amateur baseball coaches, speak with aspiring professional baseball players, and field questions from hopeful parents. These discussions go down various avenues, but there is always a point (usually near the end) when it’s asked. Without fail. Nearly 100% of the time. The question comes in different forms:

  • “Man, how did you get this job?”
  • “Who do you know?”
  • “If there’s one thing you would advise, what would it be?”
  • “What’s the secret?”

For those who know me, you would know the answer. It will come with a sarcastic smirk. This will be followed by a programmed response, “I tricked ‘em.” I just can’t help it.

Before we dig more, the story below paints a nice picture of what’s to follow:

Climbing the Swiss Alps is usually a 2-day trip. It takes one day to go up and one day to go back down. Halfway up the mountain is what they call a ½ way house.

On the first day, the hikers will stop at the ½ way house where they can enjoy a warm fire, a cup of coffee, and food. Whatever necessitates comfort, the 1/2 way house will have you covered.

There is also a huge, picture window to take in the views. You’re able to scan the breathtaking landscape, get lost in the vast sky, and feel the sense of something greater than yourself.

Yet, this comfort leads to something interesting. The climbing guides will tell you that when people settle in at the ½ way house, the majority will want to stay.

When the time comes to continue the assent, those who want to remain will say, “Go ahead and we’ll watch you from the window. When you stop at the ½ way house on the way down tomorrow, we’ll meet up with you and we can all continue down together.”

So, the smaller group continues to the top while the others stay in the house. They gather and nestle by the fire, sing around the piano, eat more food, and sit in comfort on the nice couches. But about 3 hours later, the house starts to get real quiet. The travelers in the ½ way house begin to make their way to the giant, picture window and look up the mountain. They realize their friends are about to reach the pinnacle.

The hosts of the house will go on to say there is an emptiness in the room. The hikers have a sudden realization. While their friends and travel mates have accomplished the goal, they have settled for the ½ way house.

There’s always an emptiness deep down inside when we only go ½ way.-(John C. Maxwell, “Thinking Like a Champion”)

Kris Rock is known for a variety of reasons, but one of his lyrics rings true. ‘You get what you put in, and people get what they deserve.’

For one reason (excuse) or another, people fail to reach their destination. They’re baffled when others they think are less skilled, less intelligent, smaller, weaker, etc. pass them by and go on to great things. They begin to ask, “why?” and “how?”

The concept is simple. FINISH.

  • Finish your degree
  • Finish your training
  • Finish your thoughts
  • Finish your process
  • Finish the pursuit
  • Finish whatever IT is

Those who finish magically happen to meet more PEOPLE, create more OPPORTUNITY, and are in a position to CAPITALIZE when their time comes. They refuse to get comfortable halfway up the mountain. As the trek gets tougher, they continue to move. Things, people, stuff, distractions; it’s left behind. Society likes to call these people “over achievers.” But this couldn’t be further from the truth. They didn’t over do anything. They just finished.

Bruce Lee may have said it best, “The successful warrior is the average man, with laser like focus.”

There are no:

  • “Yeah, but’s”
  • “I was going to’s”
  • “It’s not fair’s”

The concept itself is easy, but the follow through is difficult. It takes commitment. And how do you know you’re committed to something?

Take a second (or more) to think about the question. How do you really know you’re committed?…


It’s simple. FINISH.

Your destination, goal, or aspiration may not be as lofty as others. It may be a mountain or a molehill. Either way, there’s plenty of room at the “top.” Define it. Attack it. Keep at it until you can take a cool selfie at the highest point.

Enjoy your coffee. Enjoy your family. Enjoy your friends. Enjoy what life has to offer. Just keep moving.

It’s not a “10 steps to this”, “7 steps to that”, “5 ways to…”whatever, book. It’s not a quote. It’s not a thought.

It’s an action.

Besides, the halfway point is too crowded anyway.